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Hi, I’m Dinesh, a #1 New York Times best selling author and creator of the second highest grossing political documentary film of all time.

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United States of Socialism reveals modern-day socialism as a “identity socialism.” Who is behind it, why is it evil, and how can we stop it?


Every day, I share information about what’s going on in the world and provide my ideas for restoring America. Connect with me to stay informed!

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Trump Card is an exposé of the socialism, corruption and gangsterization that now define the Democratic Party.

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EXCLUSIVE: Watch the OFFICIAL Trailer for "Trump Card"

Watch the official "Trump Card" trailer, then reserve your DVD copy today!

VIDEO: Kamala Harris's VP acceptance speech was a total lie-filled disaster

Kamala Harris is very selective about what she will reveal to the American people about her [...]

VIDEO: Do you want Democrats to steal other people's stuff for you?

The democrats entice people to buy into their socialist agenda by promising free stuff but [...]

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The age-old adage that if you can make it, the government wants to regulate it, has taken on new life as the Justice Department takes aim at what it calls […] The post Biden Admin Launches New Rule Targeting 'Ghost Guns' appeared first on The Western Journal.

Apparently, the Walt Disney Corp. either hasn’t heard of or is not concerned about the concept, “Go woke, go broke.” The company has embarked upon a new “diversity and inclusion” […] The post Leaked Documents: Disney Subjected Employees to Nightmare Anti-America Training appeared first on The Western Journal.

An Israeli startup company is developing a surgical robot that would use jets of water to destroy tumors and blood clots in the brain, giving doctors a safer, minimally invasive […] The post Israeli Startup Hopes to Use New Technology to Remove Brain Tumors with Water appeared first on The Western Journal.


"America is the greatest, freest, and most decent society in existence. It is an oasis in a desert of cynicism and barbarism. This country, once an experiment unique in the world, is now the last best hope for the world."