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Can Trump—and we—come together and save America for the second time? Available now!

THE PARTY OF LAWLESSNESS: Is there no end to the insanity of the Left?

QUESTION: Why is a major political party in the United States encouraging lawlessness as a part of their platform? — [...]

D’Souza Gill: Impeachment hoax shows Democrats know Trump will win

Ever since President Trump was elected, the Democrats have done everything they can to get rid of him. The impeachment [...]

AWARD-WINNING FICTION: Schiff's lost opportunity as a screenwriter

They said Adam Schiff wanted to be a screenwriter... Well, now he is! Watch for an evaluation of his latest [...]

The socialist temptation | Dinesh D'Souza LIVE at the University at Buffalo

Dinesh D'Souza is a #1 "New York Times" bestselling author, the filmmaker behind "Death of a Nation," "Hillary's America," and [...]

THE PARTY OF LYNCHING: Dems now pretend as if they weren't responsible

Here I draw on the progressive historian Eric Foner's point that lynching and racial terrorism were for many decades the [...]

BY ANY STANDARD: Liz Warren is a socialist in capitalist clothing

Elizabeth Warren says she's "a capitalist!" This is obviously complete nonsense. So what's really going on here? — Available now [...]

NOT SO FAST, LIZ: Warren tells tall tales to cover up her privilege

Biden was running a family racket in Ukraine. Warren made up her Native American ancestry to cash in as a [...]

Dinesh D'Souza reveals why Trump won and how he can do it again

Instead of addressing issues that matter to the working class in America, such as trade, immigration, and technology, Democrats make [...]

The media's behavior is an attempt to intimidate Kavanaugh & push him left

The media is colluding with the Left in an attempt to intimidate Kavanaugh into conforming. The good news is Kavanaugh [...]

Trump embodies Reagan's American optimism in talks with North Korea

President Trump's efforts to open communication with North Korea is a characteristically American act of optimism. There's an underlying belief [...]