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Can Trump—and we—come together and save America for the second time? Available now!

WATCH: Student asks D'Souza to convince him life starts at conception

The Stephen Douglas pro-slavery argument sounds suspiciously like the Democratic Party pro-abortion argument... — Available now on DVD, Blu-ray, & [...]

D'Souza reveals how minorities have been used & lied to by the Left

A generation of progressives came to power after WWII, and they are responsible for writing most of our history books. [...]

D'Souza responds to Antifa attack victim, reveals way to stop Antifa for good

Republicans have historically been the party of the "nice guys." It's time for a different approach! — Available now on [...]

D'Souza explodes the lie that Democrats care about starving Latinos

Illegals can't vote. So why do Pelosi and other Democrats want more of them here? Dinesh D'Souza explains. — Available [...]

Sleepy Joe Biden doesn't care about ANYTHING real voters care about

The decimation of blue-collar jobs in this country is partly the result of immigration, partly the result of globalization, and [...]

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Will conservatives be banned from banks & airlines too?

How stupid are the digital censors? Stupid enough to consider a famous quotation by Emerson to be "dangerous" speech. — [...]

Q: Should conservatives in government employ the pardon power or not?

The pardon has a purpose. Like it or not, President Trump's straightforwardness is morally healthier than the cowardice that many [...]

Will the crisis over socialism in Venezuela endanger Americans?

The crisis in Venezuela is reaching a new flash point. Venezuela is less than 2000 miles from our shoreline, and [...]

Twitter & Facebook are censoring us—how do we fight back and win?

FACT: Like it or not, we don't live in the Reagan era anymore! It's time for conservatives to stop being [...]

#TruthStraightUp: What makes America exceptional

Watch the FULL #TruthStraightUp video from Young America's Foundation: https://youtu.be/83H5AgbQZ0E People from all over the world are flooding to ...