Dinesh D'Souza Videos

After losing to D'Souza, Cenk Uygur can't help but lose to Shapiro too

Hey Cenk, here's some actual history for you: Republicans fought a great war to end slavery, legislated against lynching and [...]

Dinesh D'Souza exposes the Left's "big lie" about Charlottesville, Antifa, & Black Lives Matter

Dinesh D'Souza joined "The Glazov Gang" with Jamie Glazov to discuss what progressives and their friends in the media are [...]

What if Democrats succeed in tearing down America?

Dinesh D'Souza predicted the destruction of our national monuments in his 2014 film "America." Now in "The Big Lie," he [...]

AWESOME: D'Souza rains truth & history down on Democrat parade

Believe it or not, THIS move by American Democrats was too racist for even Hitler and the Nazis to stomach. [...]

INSPIRING: D'Souza encourages conservative students, "Keep up the fight; I know you will win"

Dinesh D'Souza spoke to hundreds of high school and college students at the Young America's Foundation 39th Annual National Conservative [...]

SO SATISFYING: Dinesh D'Souza lambasts Antifa and BLM for fascist acts

Why is the fascism of the Left so terrifying? Because it goes so far beyond street thugs tearing down monuments… [...]

Debbie D'Souza slams Venezuelan president: "Evil & unintelligent"

In this segment of "The Joe Pags Show" on Newsmax, Dinesh's wife Debbie D'Souza exposes the underlying problem in Venezuela [...]

Dinesh D'Souza exposes shocking Hitler-related past of George Soros

Not only does George Soros have skeletons in his closet, he has no regrets about them. The Left loves to [...]

Watch D'Souza embarrass liberal caller on C-SPAN: "First of all…"

If you want to try to dispute Dinesh D'Souza's arguments, you should probably start by actually reading his book… — [...]

D'Souza unleashes fury on Democrats for ignorant monument protests

If people really want to wipe out reminders of slavery, segregation, and white supremacy, maybe they should consider getting rid [...]