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STEALTH IS THE NAME OF THE GAME: Sanders is too honest for the Democrats

Bernie Sanders doesn't understand the strategy of stealth socialism that the Democrats have been using for years. He says what [...]

Sanders is a product of academic nostrums taking over mainstream culture

Socialism used to be a kind of academic subculture, but in the last couple of decades it has exploded like [...]

TRUMP SAYS ENOUGH: U.S. justice system is becoming too politicized

Here's how Trump is using his pardon power, in my case and that of others, to deliver a giant Up [...]

Inside the Bloomberg camp: Democrats overrun by cognitive dissonance

Last night, I attended a Bloomberg event. Here's what I learned: Democrats are being forced to deny that President Trump [...]

Trump's firing of Vindman is necessary payback for a useful idiot

Surely Vindman was expecting President Donald Trump to tell him, "You're fired." Even Frank Pentangeli knew that when his plot [...]

Media inadvertently admits Dem impeachment show is a total sham

In this video, I explain why the Left's talk about how Adam Schiff will be "vindicated by history" is actually [...]

Democrat diversity charade gives way to field of old white men

There's a little bit of Bernie Sanders in all of us. This is the secret of his appeal, especially to [...]

The MSM will get into bed with anyone out of mad hatred toward Trump

I'm not saying the media Left likes Soleimani. But they are willing to ally with the "far enemy" in Iran [...]

Disgusting conditions in California resemble the slums of Mumbai

The homeless population multiplying in Democrat-run cities is the miserable product of liberal jurisprudence and progressive policies. The solution? Vote [...]

WILL PEOPLE GO TO JAIL? D'Souza reacts to IG report & deep state FISA abuse

Did the rogue cops at the FBI who deceived the FISA court act without bias? The nature of the "errors" [...]