Dinesh D'Souza Videos

Can Trump—and we—come together and save America for the second time? Available now!

D'Souza DESTROYS "proud Democrat" in heated Q&A

The Democrats lie because to tell the truth would be to acknowledge and apologize for their own actions. — Available [...]

Professor INSTANTLY regrets battling D'Souza over racism

The Democratic Party—in both the North AND the South—protected slavery and the Republican Party—which only was in the North—opposed it. [...]

D'Souza CALLS OUT #FakeHistorians & their #FakeHistory

Dinesh D'Souza is ready to debate progressives on slavery, racism, and the big switch. But is there a prominent historian [...]

Students asks D'Souza to prove the Democrats' racist history

Recorded live at Trinity University during Dinesh D'Souza's latest #onlyatYAF lecture, sponsored by Young America's Foundation: YAF.org. — Available now [...]

D'Souza spars with student over "white privilege"

Is white supremacy an American offense or one perpetrated by a particular party? — Available now on DVD, Blu-ray, & [...]

D'Souza shuts down socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

NEWSFLASH: The Electoral College has nothing whatsoever to do with slavery. — Available now on DVD, Blu-ray, & Digital HD! [...]

FACT: We can't have civil debate with leftist, biased media

How can we have "civil debate" and "a gentleman's politics" when the entire media has taken aim squarely at President [...]

Leftist student instantly regrets calling D'Souza a liar

Does being pro-life mean that you're a bigot, or does this student have it all wrong and the actual racists [...]

D'Souza reveals how Northam's crimes epitomize the Democratic Party

Historically, progressivism has both a racist strain and a strain that promotes eugenic murder. Ralph Northam shows that both strains [...]

New Black Panthers Leader Says Trump is Right, Black Voters "Pimped Like Prostitutes" by Dems

Quanell X, leader of the NBP Party in Houston, says it time for black voters to "reexamine the relationship" they [...]