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Can Trump—and we—come together and save America for the second time? In theaters August 3!

Lara Trump interviews Dinesh D'Souza on President Trump's Facebook Page

In this new interview with Lara Trump on President Donald Trump's Facebook Page, Dinesh D'Souza discusses his pardon, the SCOTUS [...]

D'Souza shocks with truth about Democrat racism

Democrats love to distort history through a very cunning deployment of words—here's one shocking example. — In theaters nationwide August [...]

The reason Democrats are attacking Trump on Russia summit

The outrage over Trump's Russia summit has nothing to do with Russia and everything to do with domestic politics. Dinesh [...]

D'Souza blasts illegal immigrants for skipping the line

A lot of people focus on the injustice of illegal immigrants to people in America, but illegal immigration also hurts [...]

D'Souza reveals SHOCKING truth about FDR

Why do progressives lionize FDR, who worked closely with racist Democrats to block anti-lynching laws? — In theaters nationwide August [...]

D'Souza SLAMS Clinton & Bush over NATO comments

It took an outsider like President Trump to finally accomplish what both Clinton and Bush failed to do—re-examine NATO in [...]

UNBELIEVABLE: CNN actually praises Trump economy

Even CNN can't help but admit that the economy is thriving under President Trump! — In theaters nationwide August 3! [...]

Why is the Left's control of culture so dangerous?

"Death of a Nation" exposes the Left's biggest lies. But how do we come to believe them in the first [...]

D'Souza reveals that "the big switch" is really just a big lie

Democrats love to say that all the racist Dixiecrats switched to the Republican Party, but how many do you think [...]

JUST RELEASED: D'Souza reveals new movie trailer

The analogy between Trump and Hitler is absurd. — In theaters nationwide August 3! Through stunning historical recreations and a [...]