Dinesh D'Souza Videos

Can Trump—and we—come together and save America for the second time? In theaters now!

D'Souza KILLS the lie that the "alt-right" is on the right

The white supremacist movement is driven by identity politics. President Trump is not. Watch D'Souza's entire interview with Jesse Lee [...]

Amazing Lucas responds to "Death of a Nation"

Why are films like "Death of a Nation" important? THIS is why. — ALL THE FACTS: Order the "Death of [...]

D'Souza UNLEASHES on Twitter & Google over censorship

Conservatives fled to social media to escape the bias of the mainstream media, only to find out that we aren't [...]

How do we cultivate a virtuous society?

The government is not in the virtue business. Dinesh D'Souza explains in this viral clip from the campus! — ALL [...]

Diamond and Silk chit chat live with Dinesh D'Souza

In this interview, Diamond and Silk asked Dinesh D'Souza about racism, slavery, and the Democratic Party. Watch the entire interview [...]

D'Souza rips into CNN & NBC for being #FakeNews

CNN has set a new standard of deception for journalism. — In theaters nationwide now! Get tickets now: https://tickets.deathofanationmovie.com Through [...]

SHOCKING: Proof the Democrats were too racist even for the Nazis

As for the Democratic "one drop rule," incredibly, the Nazis found it too racist, even for them. — In theaters [...]

Limbaugh and D'Souza on the fascism of the Democratic Party

Dinesh D'Souza joined Rush Limbaugh to discuss the release of his new movie "Death of a Nation" and to talk [...]

EXCLUSIVE MOVIE CLIP: What does white supremacist Richard Spencer really believe?

Yes, Charlottesville was a tragedy, but the media Left's Charlottesville narrative—that white nationalists are on the Right—is fake. Here's a [...]

LIVE "Death of a Nation" book signing with Dinesh and Debbie D'Souza

Who is killing America? Is it really Donald Trump and a GOP filled with white supremacists? In a major new [...]