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Who is behind modern-day socialism, why is it evil, and how can we stop it? Available for pre-order now!

OUTRAGEOUS: Democrats are complicit in the media's attacks on Trump

The Democrats are playing politics with the coronavirus. Part of their fanaticism in attacking President Trump is aimed at propping [...]

Biden is returning to the irascible and peevish behavior of childhood

Biden is lost in more than one sense. He's not just disconnected from reality, he's disconnected from the Democratic Party [...]

BIDEN VS. SANDERS: The Democratic Party wants a marionette it can control

Democrats had a choice between a clinical nut—Biden—or an ideological nut—Sanders. They're choosing Biden because at least they can control [...]

PAROXYSM OF RAGE: Senator Schumer is deranged over pro-life politics

Senator Schumer's thuggish rhetoric is a direct threat to the Court. His recent actions are proof that we are in [...]

A United States under President Bernie Sanders would be catastrophic

My wife Debbie D'Souza joined Trish Regan to reveal the dire consequences a socialist Bernie Sanders presidency would have on [...]

The real malady isn't coronavirus, it's Trump Derangement Syndrome

Democrats are appealing to the bottom of the electorate when they shame President Donald Trump over coronavirus. — Available for [...]

STEALTH IS THE NAME OF THE GAME: Sanders is too honest for the Democrats

Bernie Sanders doesn't understand the strategy of stealth socialism that the Democrats have been using for years. He says what [...]

Sanders is a product of academic nostrums taking over mainstream culture

Socialism used to be a kind of academic subculture, but in the last couple of decades it has exploded like [...]

TRUMP SAYS ENOUGH: U.S. justice system is becoming too politicized

Here's how Trump is using his pardon power, in my case and that of others, to deliver a giant Up [...]

Inside the Bloomberg camp: Democrats overrun by cognitive dissonance

Last night, I attended a Bloomberg event. Here's what I learned: Democrats are being forced to deny that President Trump [...]