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From the team that created 2016 comes the story not of a man, but of a nation at the crossroads of hope and disaster, whose destination will soon be decided.

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7 reviews for "America"

  1. Donna McCoy

    this movie had me angry then happy and very proud!
    in the end we all stood and cheered.
    A very factual based movie from a true
    American THANK YOU Dinesh!!!!!!

  2. Donna McCoy

    Exceptional Movie and very factual based.
    Loved it!!
    Had me in tears and the whole theater erupted in applause for the first time in a very long time I felt a sense of pride in our country.

  3. Karie Nordin

    Thank you Dinesh for this awesome documentary. I don’t care what the left says, WE ARE AN EXCEPTIONAL COUNTRY!! Just ordered 10 copies to hand out to friends. I will ask them to watch and then pass them on. Now lets see what transpires on Tuesday when the election is over and the votes are counted. I pray we will be headed in the “Right” direction, then we can focus on 2016!!! God bless you Dinesh and God bless America!!

  4. Vyn popplewel

    ordered two copies three weeks ago, no movies, no updates from him, no good way to contact.

  5. Vyn popplewell

    where are my copies?

  6. elizabeth connelly (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful film! Thank You! I rented it from Netflix and have purchased the book from Amazon. I am purchasing two copies – one for our home library and one to share with friends. I have quite a few woefully undereducated recent college graduates in my family. Viewing this will be quite enlightening for them. It is a very well done documentary and incorporates humor, truth and national pride. What a rare combination these days. I heard a tape quite a while ago of one of Mr. D’Souza’s speeches. In it he relates an anecdote about having asked a successful friend in India why he planned to emigrate to the United States. The story went that the friend said he wanted to live in a place where even the poor were fat! I have been a “D’Souzite” since.

  7. Baron Dugger

    I’d like to review the movie but cannot figure out how to buy it because I now live in Asia.
    Can anyone tell me how I can purchase the DVD? Amazon won’t let me download it because of where I live, and there are no accommodations for a non-US address in the on-line order form.

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