SPECIAL INVITE: Join Dinesh D'Souza at University of Minnesota!

Join Dinesh D’Souza on Thursday, April 18, at the University of Minnesota for a special Young America’s Foundation event. This event is free and open to the public!

In a time when conservatives and conservative ideas are increasingly under attack on America’s campuses, Dinesh D’Souza will be discussing the Left’s war on free speech!

At this event, Dinesh D’Souza will reveal why the Left is so scared of opposing ideas and lay out a roadmap for conservatives to fight back. See below for details on how to attend!

WHEN – Thursday, April 18 @ 1 PM CT
WHERE – University of Minnesotta, Anderson Hall, 257 19th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55455
HOW – More information is available here.

This event will take place inside Anderson Hall in Room 310. No parking will be provided for this event, so if you plan to drive, please allow for time to secure parking.

PLEASE NOTE: Tickets for this event are now sold out, but you may still be able to attend! There will be a standby line at the door for any open seats, so just plan to arrive early and claim your standby spot! More information is available here!

Don’t forget—the event begins at 1 PM CT, so make sure to arrive early and claim your spot in the standby line!


Available for pre-order now, Dinesh D’Souza’s new book United States of Socialism reveals modern-day socialism as a “identity socialism.” Who is behind it, why is it evil, and how can we stop it?

United States of Socialism

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Through D'Souza's trademark incisiveness, wit, and originality, United States of Socialism reveals how the Left uses the Venezuelan formula for socialism, decisively refutes this new face of socialism, chillingly documents the full range of the Left’s gangster tendencies, and provocatively exposes the tactics of the socialist Left.

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