YAF: After Being Targeted by Obama, D'Souza to Tour America's Campuses

Originally posted at the Young America’s Foundation.

After being targeted by the Obama administration, #1 New York Times bestselling author and director Dinesh D’Souza and Young America’s Foundation have announced a nationwide campus lecture tour, beginning with kickoff lectures at Ripon College (9/23) and the University of California-Santa Barbara (11/4). The lectures will continue throughout the 2015-2016 school year.

Following the 2014 release of his breakthrough documentary, America, which surpassed Michael Moore’s Capitalism at the box office, Dinesh D’Souza will be taking the message of his film directly to college students. D’Souza will also discuss topics addressed in his highly anticipated upcoming book, Stealing America, inspired by his experience during his eight months in a state-run confinement center where he interacted with a variety of hardened criminals.

D’Souza will explain “how this experience not only changed his life, but fundamentally transformed his view of his adopted country.”

As showcased in D’Souza’s latest film, America’s greatness is under attack by those who argue that our country’s founding was based on the theft of America’s natural resources and the exploitation of Native Americans and others around the world. Many of these attacks originate on college campuses, and D’Souza will bring the message of the film to young people who often only hear a one-sided view of American history.

The tour will be organized exclusively though Young America’s Foundation which will provide logistical and financial support to participating schools. Young America’s Foundation specializes in sending prominent conservative speakers to schools and has a long history of working with Dinesh D’Souza as well as many other prominent conservative speakers.

“America’s campuses are where the Left is free to push its destructive ideas on young people, I am excited to work with my friends at Young America’s Foundation to ensure students receive a balanced education,” remarked D’Souza.

“Ronald Reagan warned that freedom is only one generation away from extinction. It is up to us to preserve America as the last, best hope of freedom. Dinesh’s tour will bring America’s principles directly to thousands of students and avoid the filter of biased professors or the mainstream media,” said Foundation President Ron Robinson.

Students interested in learning more should visit Young America’s Foundation’s website at www.yaf.org.

Read more at the Young America’s Foundation.


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