Western Journal: Dinesh D'Souza reveals the big lie about Charlottesville

Originally posted at The Western Journal by Dinesh D’Souza.

So the white nationalists are once again coming to Charlottesville. Get ready not only for some bombastic theatrics, but also for a replay of the progressive media’s Charlottesville narrative: “Hey, look at those racists in MAGA hats! This proves that, whatever the history of Democratic Party bigotry and racism today is in the Trump column. Bigotry now is on the right.”

But this narrative is a lie. First of all, no one has ever conducted a valid, empirical survey of neo-Nazis or Ku Klux Klansmen to prove they voted for Trump. This is why the media needs visual images that seem to confirm an unproven thesis. In the aftermath of the initial Charlottesville, I was struck by a solitary white supremacist in a MAGA hat being interviewed by more than a dozen reporters. This one guy—otherwise culturally and politically impotent—was portrayed as visual proof that white nationalism is a malevolent Trump phenomenon.

In my new book, Death of a Nation, I examined the lives of the leading white nationalists in America today. Virtually without exception, they are on the left. Let’s start with Jason Kessler, organizer of last year’s Charlottesville rally. The Southern Poverty Law Center looked into his background and was astounded to discover that he had been an Obama supporter and active in the left-wing Occupy Wall Street movement.

What could be more interesting than to examine why an Obama supporter could become a white supremacist? Or how an Occupy activist transitioned into a defender of the white cause? Yet the progressive media went dead silent on this one. Only one local Charlottesville newspaper, The Daily Progress, bothered to dig into this, noting that Kessler’s previous tweets, his neighbors and several of his friends “attest that he held strong liberal convictions.”

Laura Kleiner is a Democratic activist who dated Kessler for several months in 2013. According to the article, “She said Kessler was very dedicated to his liberal principles, and that he was a strict vegetarian, abstained from alcohol and drugs, embraced friends of different ethnicities, and was an atheist.” Kleiner added of Kessler, “He broke up with me and a lot of it was because I was not liberal enough. I am a very progressive Democrat, but he didn’t like that I’m a Christian.”

I mentioned Kessler’s leftist background on social media and he lashed out angrily by releasing a video denouncing me. The video itself is rambling, incoherent and laced with obscenities. The most interesting thing about it is that Kessler attacks me as a rich, brown-skinned guy who only stands up for big business and special interests. In other words, notwithstanding his disavowal of my portrait of him, Kessler sounds just like the left-wing racist I made him out to be.

Andrew Anglin is the co-editor of the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer. In March 2007, Anglin posted about Donald Trump, attaching a video clip from a roast of former New York mayor Rudy Guiliani. Giuliani appears in the video in drag, and Trump rams his face into Giuliani’s chest. It was all apparently in fun. Even so, Anglin describes them both as “fags” and writes that Giuliani is clearly involved in a “twisted homosexual transvestite affair with Donald Trump.”

Anglin visited Southeast Asia in 2010-2011 where he became a rainforest activist, dated Filipina women, and railed on his podcast against Christian missionaries. “You see the way white people — and it is white people — went around the whole world and f***ed everybody. I think the white race should be bred out.” This was a sentiment he routinely expressed.

Lisa Turner, women’s coordinator of a white nationalist group called the World Church of the Creator — which is interestingly enough an atheist organization — insists that the greatest problem in the world is Christianity. “The philosophy behind Christianity,” she says, “is utterly poisonous. Turn the other cheek, love your enemy—these kinds of ideas have put a guilt trip on the white race. The biggest enemies we have out there are the Christian churches.” Doesn’t sound very much like Trump to me.

Finally, there is Richard Spencer, the poster boy of white supremacy, who is so controversial that when he showed up to speak in Florida the governor declared a state of emergency. Spencer is unfailingly portrayed in the mainstream media as a right-winger. To check this out, I interviewed Spencer for my new movie Death of a Nation. The film is now out nationwide, and when the audiences hear Spencer describe his convictions in his own words, they gasp out loud.

Why? Because it becomes clear that Spencer is no conservative; in fact, he is firmly on the left. He flatly rejects the idea that “all men are created equal.” He insists that rights don’t come from God; they come from the centralized state. He rejects the Reagan agenda of individual liberty and free market capitalism, embracing the concept of an expanded welfare state including nationalized health care. He doesn’t think Reagan was a great president, naming as his favorites a series of Democratic presidents including Democratic Party founder Andrew Jackson. At one point he breaks down and confesses he’s a progressive.

What really blows away the audience is not merely Spencer’s left-wing politics, but the full realization that we have all been victims of a bogus narrative. Some white nationalists collaborate in this narrative, because it brings fame and notoriety to their otherwise powerless group. In exchange they provide the mainstream media with an ideological script extremely useful to the left. But the script is fake, because in reality conservatives and white nationalists are not only in different camps, they are in opposed camps.

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  • Brian Brewer says:

    August 14, 2018 at 6:18 PM

    I’m a white Southerner. My father was from a large family of sharecroppers in Mississippi. I enjoy your voice in a world of mindless “big-mouths.” I’ve been a proponent of very similar philosophical/political views and theories you profess my entire life. I have never met a neo-Nazi, white nationalist, Klucker, or any other member from this “vast bastion” of racist pigs the leftists have sworn are everywhere.
    I’m currently reading Death of a Nation, and have read your other masterpieces. You are the most fluid, knowledgeable voice in the wilderness of ignorance and activist idiots.

    Keep up the wonderful work!

    • Mr. Payne says:

      August 16, 2018 at 9:25 PM

      Well said, Brian. Well said indeed.

      • San says:

        September 4, 2018 at 10:18 AM

        Thank God for D’Souza. He is a man standing alone in this wilderness called America. Thank God for the church and being a triune 3 in 1 God. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!!!

  • Denise Neal says:

    September 4, 2018 at 9:48 AM

    Hello there, I find such inspiration because of who you are and the vision for America. Who better to embody the soul of this Nation than an individual who was not even born here and teaches Americans what it is to be an American and what America actually is? I hope it is not too late for us and I actively expound the information you offer. God bless you you and your beautiful wife. The two of you will do greater works together than you can do by yourself. That is the blessing of a God-filled marriage.

  • Florida Jim says:

    September 4, 2018 at 9:59 AM

    As usual Dinesh clears the air we need more Dinesh not less.

  • Jerry Boone says:

    September 4, 2018 at 10:32 AM

    Thank you for all of your inspiring movies. You courageously shed light on progressive lies and propaganda. It appears that legal immigrates, such as yourself, are our most patriotic citizens. Welcome to America! We need more like you.

  • Carolyn McDowel says:

    September 4, 2018 at 10:41 AM

    The Charlottesville event was completely “staged” by George Soros funded organizations. I read that people saw both the Antifa and “white nationalists” coming out of the same white buses leading up to the event. I’m sure they were all paid by Soros. The “white nationalists” were overly dressed. The mayor had told the police to “stand down”. This was all “staged” to make the “white nationalists” out to be Trump supporters and make Trump look bad. I grew up in southern KY and never saw a KKK or “white nationalist” or read about them in the newspapers or tv news. They are such as small group of people, nothing the size and impact the leftist make them out to be.

  • Fred Sebastian says:

    September 4, 2018 at 11:12 AM

    Thank you for including me on your email list. I have seen 2 of your movies. They were very good in getting your point across. There was one problem with the film on Obama. You seem to have accepted the premise that the Kenyan Barry Obama was his real father. It is more likely Frank Marshall Davis, a dedicated Communist was his real father. Barry was picked out of a line of incoming personnel visiting Hawaii after Stanley, Ann’s father learned she was pregnant and Frank would not marry her, he had a family. The reason he has obscured his birth is because it would not have served his real orientation as an illegitimate, half breed, Communist. Frank mentored Obama from the time he returned from Indonesia at about age 6 until he went off to college under false pretenses as a foreign student. Obama was born in Seattle where Ann was awaiting his birth to attend college with her friends. Frank was an American citizen and so is Obama, but his real birth could not be revealed. Obama’s primary objective of rising to the Presidency of the United States was to do every thing he could to destroy the U.S. and he is still dedicated to that goal. There is much more and if you are interested, I will be glad to provide more evidence to support this position. This is not for general publication.

  • Chris Dube says:

    September 4, 2018 at 11:26 AM


    Great movie! I also found one other Democrat Senator who switched parties after the Civil Rights Act.

    None other than Jesse Helms of North Carolina. So, there were a massive total of TWO who switched!

  • Robert Fitzgerald says:

    September 4, 2018 at 5:31 PM

    I vaguely recalled there was a ‘legitimate’ or ‘socially acceptable’ group who originally planned the protest against the removal of such statues, primarily for historical reasons. They are vehemently opposed to violence, pro-slavery, discrimination for racial/religious reasons, and would be considered upright or ‘good’ citizens by any reasonable intelligent people of any side of this controversy. Here’s a link to their facebook page that states their press release just prior to the day of the event. https://www.facebook.com/R.E.Leehistory/posts/471275936597530 They don’t do a very good job of appearing to be a hate group, if that is what they were lumped in with.

    Most distressing about my search for their participation as the originators of this protest, is that none of the newspaper articles about that tragic event mention their existence at all.The media in every format mentioned only radical hate groups on the right, and the ‘peaceful’ counter protesters with the baseball bats who fortunately saved the day. This third group appear to be neither right or left, just wanting to peacefully express a viewpoint from a historical viewpoint.

    I can’t comprehend why Trump was not encouraged to mention this group by name, confirming there were good people on both sides (or on a third side). Shame on all the politicians who fanned the flames like lemmings.

  • Nicholas Timcisko says:

    September 5, 2018 at 4:39 PM

    I saw the movie. I read the book. Both were well done. I am from Youngstown, a steel town in Ohio. It was once a booming industrial city filled with many Democrats. Today it is in a state of decay. I grew up knowing that the Republicans were for the rich, and the Democrats were for the working man. Dinesh, is doing a great job of showing us who they really are. Nothing has changed and the plantation he speaks of is alive and well. You can not reason with those who are unreasonable.