Western Journalism: A Siri Search For "Hillary's America" Reveals Surprising Results

Originally posted at Western Journalism.

An iPhone user posted the results of a Siri search on Monday the for the political documentary Hillary’s America and it came back empty.

Siri informed the user Tim Treadstone, who is the manager for Breitbart News personality Milo Yiannopoulos: “Sorry, I didn’t see any Hillary’s America movies.”

Many replied to Treadstone’s tweet saying they had the same problem with their iPhone, while others commented that it gave false results about the closest theater.

A Siri search on Tuesday by Western Journalism yielded what appeared to be the correct results for the immediate area, so perhaps Apple has corrected the issue.

The latest offering by conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza is currently playing in over 1,000 theaters around the country and is the top grossing political documentary of 2016.

As reported by Western Journalism, the film, like D’Souza’s highly successful 2016: Obama’s America (2012), is being released in an election year with the hopes of educating the public about the history and agenda of the Democratic Party and its presidential candidate.

The message of the film is clear: The Democrat Party has a long history of literal slavery and oppression, which has morphed in more recent years into using the instruments of government to bring about more and more control over Americans’ daily lives.

D’Souza discussed his successful documentary on Fox News’ The Kelly File Monday night.

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