Washington Times: The Beautiful Truth About "America"

Originally published at the Washington Times.

There’s some surprising showbiz acknowledgment for the power of American exceptionalism, a belief already well known to grass-roots folk and patriots. Case in point: A recent test showing in Atlanta and Houston theaters holds great promise for America: Imagine the World Without Her, a feature-length film by oft-embattled writer/director Dinesh D’Souza and Oscar-winning producer Gerald R. Molen. Indeed, the work was called “a slick, sprawling celebration of American exceptionalism” by Variety and cited by the Hollywood Reporter for debunking “the narrative that the United States has been a force of evil across the world through a combination of historical recreations and interviews with some of the country’s harshest critics.”

Both publications noted the film’s surprise strong box office returns in the regional markets. It opens nationwide in 1,000 theaters Wednesday and could prove to be a sleeper blockbuster like the determined pair’s other project – 2016: Obama’s America, which drew over $33 million in ticket sales and ended up to be the second-most-successful political documentary of all time.

“After the success of 2016, I knew there was an audience that wanted to be proud of our country and see a film that took an honest look at how this country came to be and where we go from here,” says Mr. D’Souza.

“What makes this film unlike any today is the history behind it, the truth about American history and the place we have in world history,” notes Mr. Molen. “I call upon all Americans to join us at their local theater to celebrate our great country.”

Meanwhile, some fans are petitioning the White House to allow America to be shown in military theaters. “At this time, there are no plans for the film to be released on U.S. military bases around the world,” states the online petition, filed through the We the People program. “Since this is a patriotic film that celebrates America, we are asking the White House to allow this film to be seen by the men and women who have sacrificed for our country at movie theaters around the world that happen to be located on U.S. military installations.”

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One Comment

  • Bonny Hansen says:

    July 19, 2014 at 7:38 AM

    Mr. D’Souza. You are my hero. There are a few of you out there, and you are at the top of my list. I have few resources other than my rather rickety self – but I am out there offering the same to do the grassroots work needed to turn this country around. The work of “maintaining” the America you love – is my dream I shall not give up on.

    I look to G-d first. Yet as I turn my face back to look within this vale of tears – I look to you for inspiration.

    I have not yet been disappointed. You are smart and funny and true. I am grateful you came to, and came to know, this “imperfect” yet blessed country. Your Christian apologetic work, also blessed and moving and intelligent. finds itself a “perfect” adjunct to your literary and cinematic work in American history, patriotism, et al.

    Please do stay humble and true. Please do. You are a champion for this country, this world.

    You and your family remain firmly entrenched in my prayers. Thank you, Dinesh. G-dspeed.