VIDEO: T. Boone Pickens & Dinesh Talk 2016

Never shy about expressing his beliefs, T. Boone Pickens shares his unique, thoughtful, and often provocative insights. This week, he and Dinesh talked about the upcoming election.

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United States of Socialism

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Through D'Souza's trademark incisiveness, wit, and originality, United States of Socialism reveals how the Left uses the Venezuelan formula for socialism, decisively refutes this new face of socialism, chillingly documents the full range of the Left’s gangster tendencies, and provocatively exposes the tactics of the socialist Left.

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  • RSN says:

    October 15, 2015 at 5:29 PM


    Hillary Clinton, the world’s biggest white collar criminal, has a big chance of becoming president, no matter how big her scandals are, and no matter how undeserving or unsuited for the job she is – ending up in the White House instead of the JAIL house.

    Reason? – The people re-elected Obama last time with his bad record, and that’s how irrational the electorate can be.

    Too many voters, perhaps the majority, have no idea what’s happening, and if she plays the ground game, as Obama did last time, they will all come out on election day and vote for her, without realizing how their personal lives can be affected by her problems.

    She will NOT get indicted for her crimes, because that’s Obama’s decision, and unless Biden enters the race, and looks like he’ll beat her to the nomination, Obama will not pull the plug on her. It’a a pipe dream.

    She’s the only candidate who can stop the WH falling into Republican hands, and Obama is underhanded enough to block the indictment, to keep her campaign alive.

    What’s his thinking? Well, both Obama and Hillary are from the Alinsky school of thought, which says that the common people are STUPID.

    By preventing her from being rightly brought to justice, it will then be left in the hands of the people to decide whether or not she deserves to be president, AND BECAUSE THE PEOPLE ARE STUPID, THEY WILL ELECT HER AS PRESIDENT EVEN WITH THE ENORMITY OF HER PROBLEMS.

    Please assure me that I’m mistaken.

    • Michael Dee says:

      October 28, 2015 at 7:51 AM

      What crime did she commit? What are the enormity of her problems?

      • RSN says:

        October 29, 2015 at 3:52 PM

        Multiple felonies with regard to her email scandal. Wiping the server clean, as an example is tampering with the evidence.

        Tell me if I’m wrong – to run for any kind of high office, and certainly the presidency – one has to be above suspicion of abusing high office for one’s own personal gain?

        She is under deep suspicion of taking tens of millions of dollars in bribery, in return for favors while Sec. of State – including approving a deal selling 20% of ownership of the country’s uranium mines to a Russian company. From there, atom bomb material can be transferred to other (mortal) enemies.

        Each time she did this, she committed a criminal offence that’s severely punishable.

        If she treats the presidency like that, the country’s finished.

        Also enormous is the combined effect of Benghazi, with the lack of concern with an unsecured southern border – it sends a message to terrorists, that they can easily enter the country to do their business, knowing that she seems unconcerned about protecting people from them, unless it benefits her own agenda.

        And then there’s the seeming lack of a plan to cut back and reverse the deficit. Her way appears to be the same tax-and-spend policy, that’s driven up the deficit to $19 trillion. With no plan to stop this, the country could go bankrupt. Maybe it won’t affect her too much, having made her millions – and never mind how she made it!

        All in all, her candidacy looks dangerously deceptive, playing on peoples lack of interest or concern in what’s happening.

      • RSN says:

        October 29, 2015 at 5:42 PM

        And then, there’s her backing of the Iran Nuke deal. The country has sworn enemies, whose plans against it are being facilitated by this deal. Isn’t backing this as dangerous as it’s absurd?

        Is she really out for the people, who have shown, in polling, that they’re mostly against this deal?

        Did she really think that they’re foolish enough to buy her arguments that there’s nothing to worry about here?


  • Jan says:

    October 16, 2015 at 10:42 PM

    You are right on. This is why I fear for America and the great country I grew up in and have grown old in. I am concerned for the young and especially my own children, up to great children now. It seems the young want to except a future of antiGod socialistic future. God save us.

    • Evelyn Johnson says:

      October 17, 2015 at 2:58 AM

      Your wrong about the bushes in scandals that was never brought out? there great grandfather Prescott Bush u people better wake up!!!!!!!!! the bushes let 9/11 happen what are u talking about there not in a scandal!!!!!!!!!!! there dad keep telling us about the NWO, (and when we win and we will i will)never forget what he said that old bastard!!!!!!!!! its time to wake up D’Souza… i once believed in u. now after this interview with this guy its not right~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Ginger says:

    October 17, 2015 at 5:27 AM

    That was an interesting exchange and yes it looks like Hillary will get the nomination, that will put the nail in the coffin in America. I keep saying that Romney lost because he was not demonstrative enough, we do not need a shrinking violet running. I like what Trump has to say and the way he says it. At least 99% of my friends are for Trump. I and many people I know do not want to hear about another Bush who got us into Iraq and did not ward off the Wall Street debacle and housing bubble, too busy fighting a sad sad war that led us to this mess in the Middle East, Rubio is wet behind the ears, Rand Paul should remain in the Senate,
    Ted Cruz VP, Carly has enemies from her HP days and forget the rest. God Bless America, please.

  • Charlie says:

    October 17, 2015 at 7:52 AM

    well ….. I think the corruption goes deep into the political parties…that is to say that they support each other to maintain their immunity to the law ….their special …like a pack of wolves taking turns guarding the hen house..each one eats a chicken…ie gets rich on US…As Obama ran for his second term,I could not fine any one who said they voted for him…I have several friends that say that our votes have no weight in the election…I hope their are wrong…I predict that if this country moves to the left…ie Hillary etc….you will see the American dream…vanish…and also America will become Violent and dangerous . Case in point …. many protesters are now banishing guns…weapons ,Americans are pissed off at the governments actions…Muslims…So now we have something new…protesters with guns….The American Dream is
    here to stay or else… Trump……

  • Oldhippy says:

    October 17, 2015 at 8:40 AM

    Jan and JSN,you’re dead on target. My wife and I were discussing our country and this generation last night. We were some of the hippies back in the day.Only in fashion,not into the drugs and not in the “free luv” thing. We believe love comes with a commitment and piece of paper and ring.but now this gen seems to go for anything young Christian girls going with married men who have children as old as the girl there having the affair with,filthy television shows that seem to promote corruption and violence,have totally decimated the marriage structure and the family values our great country was built on.some once said “they will call darkness light and light darkness” the dirtier it gets the more the world loves it.
    I still haven’t gotten over Hillary letting it slide with the bill and the blue dress OUR White House ! If she let that go ,what won’t she do. There’s a very prime example of the first part of my discussion.
    If you would like to hear where this country is headed ,check out Paul Harvey’s “if I were the devil ,coment 0n youtube . Ok now I think I feel better. Btw my wife &jI have been together Over45 years and raised 3 wonderful children who never got sent home from school or did drugs &aspen the time in jail.


    October 17, 2015 at 11:33 AM




  • MEA says:

    October 17, 2015 at 4:20 PM

    RSN is largely right on.

    Humans, by nature, are: lazy, greedy, scared, self-centered, myopic, confused, attention seeking & used to living within a dictatorship, all issues driven by survival instinct & being born into a family.
    Thus freedom is never free, it must be repeatedly fought for, generation after generation.
    Unfortunately, success breeds laziness and cycles repeat in this kindergarten for our Souls called Life.

    Con-artists (in product/service ads, politics, bureaucracies, etc.) constantly use human nature characteristics to sell their wares & gain power, too often at the dis-empowerment, not the empowerment of others, at times a fine line.
    The government dominated US educational system has been greatly dumbed down, teaching little history & too much history c/w George Santayana’s assessment: “History is a pack of lies about events that never happened told by people who weren’t there.”

    The dominant form of government throughout human history has been fiefdoms/dictatorships/theocracies.
    The US constitution is unique in history. Yet is also just stain on paper, fragile, easily twisted by successions of those seeking power, including constitutional lawyers, for their own goals.

    The US was designed as a unique, first in history, different concept of organization:
    To be of, for & by the people (assuming people respect & believe in themselves, recognizing that others, especially strangers, also driven by their human nature, may take advantage & usurp power).
    In such a country, where do professional politicians & bureaucrats fit in?
    They don’t. They are power mongers, working to turn the US into another dictatorship suited to their own beliefs, convenience & ease of livelihood.

    Thus these issues are not about just candidates. They are about us all, at least the majority of US citizens, and highly dependent on understanding human nature, human history of repeated greed, laziness, self-destruction undermining human freedoms and opportunities.

    As always, who is most able to dis-empower each one of us? Ourselves.

    • RSN says:

      October 19, 2015 at 2:04 PM

      If, G_d willing, all turns out well in the end, there should be a Constitutional Amendment to protect itself from opponents of freedom, like BO and HRC.

      In Canada, for example, such extreme characters have less chance of rising to the very top, than in the US.