#RealHistoryatHome: Who are the real fascists?

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Every Friday at 8 PM ET, Dinesh will hold a question and answer session on Twitter based on the film, and you are invited to join! Stream the film at home during the week and send us your questions using #RealHistoryatHome on Twitter. Ask an honest question, and Dinesh will provide an honest answer!

This week’s #RealHistoryatHome selection: Death of a Nation.

Death of a Nation is an eye-opening film that examines the myth that President Trump is a fascist, conservatives are fascists, and fascism is on the right.

Some might even say that Death of a Nation is Dinesh D’Souza’s most controversial film because it exposes the Nazi roots of the American Left and doesn’t hesitate to name names.

What is the truth about the history of fascism?

Watch Dinesh break it down:

Death of a Nation tells an eye-opening story that the media, Hollywood, and leftist professors won’t.

This Friday, April 24, at 8 PM ET, you can join Dinesh D’Souza on Twitter for a Q&A about the film, the history of fascism, and more.

Stream D’Souza’s latest film, Death of a Nation, today and tweet your questions using #RealHistoryatHome!


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