Newsmax: Liberal Critics Hit D'Souza's New Hillary Documentary

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Dinesh D’Souza’s “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party” isn’t even in theaters yet, and liberal media critics are in full attack mode against the conservative author and filmmaker.

The New York Post’s Kyle Smith rips D’Souza’s PG-13 documentary as ‘cheesier than a Kraft Singles truck but half as subtle.”

And Variety’s Owen Gleiberman calls the movie “historical liberal-bashing that slides from propaganda to paranoia” and spins “out a web of comic-book liberal evil.”

Gleiberman says D’Souza asserts the Democratic Party was “single-handedly responsible for slavery, the genocidal killing of Native Americans, the Ku Klux Klan, and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. And D’Souza is just getting started.”

Media types may have good reason to be worried. D’Souza’s 2012 movie, “Obama: 2016”, was a huge box office hit. The film argued that President Obama’s policies were tainted by his long-held views that America was an imperial power.
Hillary supporters are taking little chances this time.

Sam Adams, who reviews the film for “The Wrap,” says D’Souza shows himself digging into the Democratic Party’s past by “infiltrating a fictitious museum … furtively taking an elevator to the basement, and ignoring the ‘Keep Out: Authorized Personnel Only’ sign at the end of a dimly lit corridor.

“As he runs down Democrats’ history of supporting slavery, from the Civil War through the end of Jim Crow, we see him pulling a set of manacles from a banker’s box. It looks more like he’s picking through a college theater department’s props collection than digging up dirt on the political past.”

Adams adds: “In D’Souza’s world, there are good guys and bad, Republican and Democrats, and never the twain shall meet, and whatever history he has to twist or ignore to prove that point is a small price to pay.”

The movie, which opens nationwide on July 22, also contains reenactments with actors playing real-life politicians and historical characters, including “Dallas” actress Rebekah Turner as Hillary Clinton, Michael Clemmons as President Barack Obama and Don Taylor as Lincoln.

D’Souza has also authored a book with the same title as the documentary, also to be released this month.

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