National Review: 'Hillary’s America' Got My Red, White, And Blue Flapping

Originally posted at National Review by Jack Fowler.

I was in Cleveland yesterday for the red-carpet premier of Dinesh D’Souza’s new film, Hillary’s America, which was also co-written and co-directed by NR pal Bruce Schooley (and produced by Gerald Molen, who won an Oscar for Schindler’s List). So, I am rooting for it. Truth be told, I watched an advance of it last week on my iPad, but seeing it last night at the historic Connor Palace theater, on a big honking screen . . . wow. The final few minutes were so striking and moving that it would have had even Jeremiah Wright standing up and belting out “God Bless America.” There is a lot packed into this film / documentary, which is part unvarnished history of the Democratic party’s long and loving and demented embrace of racism (more on that tomorrow), and a deep dive into the corruption of Team Clinton. Sitting there, watching as the movie went through the litany — exposing the sheer breadth of their arrognace and the hardened brass of their body parts — well, I felt exhausted. These people are insatiable. Particularly maddening was the part that investigated the Clinton Foundation. Elsewhere today on NRO, Dinesh has a truly troubling excerpt from his book version of the film on that institution’s brazen financial scheming, focusing on its use of the catastrophic 2010 earthquake in Haiti to mount a bogus relief effort that raised and manipulated money (including U.S. taxpayer funds overseen by a certain Secretary of State) that ended up in the pockets of Bill and Hillary’s political buddies. And family members: Even infamous brother Hugh Rodham, a former prison guard, managed to land on the board of a gold-mining company that ended up with a juicy contract from the Haitian government. It seems like the Clinton-touched contributions went anywhere but to the people of the island. More personal disclosure: Yes, Hillary’s America advertises on NRO. God bless it! And my son did some post-production work on it (God bless him especially!). That said, Hillary’s America has these characters dead to rights. You should see it when it’s released nationwide this coming weekend.

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One Comment

  • Rick says:

    July 24, 2016 at 11:10 PM

    My wife and I saw this movie tonight, it is outstanding!! A real eye opener that showed the political “hoodwinking” that is currently taking place before our eyes!! It’s a must see movie for all and I’ll admit to fighting back tears in the end. Yes, we need to make this country “Great” again and God Bless Dinesh for his talent and ambition towards American Greatness!!
    Thank You Dinesh D’souza “A true American Hero!!”