SOLD OUT: Join D'Souza & Straka at #WalkAway in Portland!

This November, Dinesh D’Souza will speak at the latest #WalkAway event in Portland, and you’re invited!

At this townhall, D’Souza will join Brandon Straka to discuss how conservatives can take back America. As a participant in this premium event, you will be invited to join D’Souza and Straka for an in-depth discussion and Q&A about the future of America.

Don’t miss this! On November 5, D’Souza and Straka will expose the Democratic Party’s dirty tactics to fundamentally transform our country and take down our president.

Keep reading below the image for more details on how you can be a part of this historic event.

WHEN – November 5, 2019
WHERE – The Melody Event Center, 615 SE Alder St, Portland, OR 97214
HOW – Purchase your tickets here.

Tickets are $15 for general admission or $150 for VIP access, which includes a meet and greet with D’Souza and Straka as well as an autographed book. Doors open at 6 PM on November 5, and this exclusive event kicks off at 7 PM!

Space is limited. Join the conversation by reserving tickets for your friends, family, and co-workers while seats last. This event will sell out very quickly!

Click here for more details on the event. See you in two weeks!


Lincoln united his party and saved America from the Democrats for the first time. Can Trump—and we—come together and save America for the second time?

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Through stunning historical recreations and a searching examination of fascism and white supremacy, Death of a Nation cuts through progressive big lies to expose hidden history and explosive truths.

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  • Frankie Smith says:

    October 27, 2019 at 2:53 AM


    My Wife and I watched two of your documentaries today and want to thank you or bold stand against leftist tyranny. Many people around us, as well as ourselves, believe we are on the cusp of a second Civil War / American Revolution. It is our hope that it doesn’t come to this. Once again thank you. You are indeed a true Patriot.

  • Ralph Monte says:

    October 30, 2019 at 6:47 PM

    Sir, I am a big fan of your intellect, reason, historical clarity and sense of humor. I am a NJ Court Reporter and as such surrounded by a mostly Democrat State Bar with whom I have battled with through the years usually outnumbered but held my own. Wish I had your books in the ’70s to make converts at an early stage. Unfortunately I have resolved the decades old 3D Democrats, disingenuous, delusional, dumb Democrats, (otherwise known as Da-da-da Democrats), have turned ideology into a team sport and will buy season tickets for a losing team, show up on rain days and buy all paraphernalia only to claim their pathetic team is number one. I am done trying to convince them. We must hit them hard and that’s why I love President Trump’s style. He’s a fighter in big and little things. It’s time to get our hands and clothes dirty and beat them. Not defeat them, beat them into a 50 years submission.
    Also please if you don’t mind, they are not the democratic party, they are the Democrat Party. There’s nothing democratic about them. One person is offended conveniently and a whole group must now accommodate their feelings. This is not majority rule but rule by one. Scopes monkey trial was a plant just for this purpose and it has continued.
    3D Democrats, you may certainly use that.