VIDEO: D'Souza vs. AOC over Ronald Reagan & FDR—who is right?

Dinesh D’Souza weighs in on media bias and the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez allegation that FDR and Reagan were racists.

Hint: she’s half right!

Watch now:


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United States of Socialism

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Through D'Souza's trademark incisiveness, wit, and originality, United States of Socialism reveals how the Left uses the Venezuelan formula for socialism, decisively refutes this new face of socialism, chillingly documents the full range of the Left’s gangster tendencies, and provocatively exposes the tactics of the socialist Left.

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One Comment

  • Stephen Madigan says:

    March 16, 2019 at 10:33 AM

    I have learned, after 3 years of reading, watching and researching both political parties that the democrats never had a real message for the people other than unfulfilled promises and heterogeneous rhetoric. The closest President to ‘party of the people’ was JFK, but I submit he was a moderate republican. With this thought, it is telling that the four Presidents assassinated were Republicans, if you agree with my JFK statement. Also, David Duke was a Klan member while he was a democrat. He left the Klan and later switched to the Republican Party. Thank you Dinesh for all of your work. It has opened my eyes.