VIDEO: D'Souza UNLEASHES on Democrats over endorsement of post-birth abortions

The endorsement of post-birth abortion may seem like a radical turn in the Democratic Party, but it’s actually anchored in their deep, dark history.

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Available now, Dinesh D’Souza’s new book United States of Socialism reveals modern-day socialism as a “identity socialism.” Who is behind it, why is it evil, and how can we stop it?

United States of Socialism

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Through D'Souza's trademark incisiveness, wit, and originality, United States of Socialism reveals how the Left uses the Venezuelan formula for socialism, decisively refutes this new face of socialism, chillingly documents the full range of the Left’s gangster tendencies, and provocatively exposes the tactics of the socialist Left.

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One Comment

  • Mila Kette says:

    March 1, 2019 at 9:17 AM

    We purchased two DVD’s and one book “Death of a Nation.” We donated the DVD’s and the book to two libraries—Huron and Sandusky, in Ohio. One of the libraries “misplaced” the DVD. We had to fight to get them to catalog and shelve the items. Still the libraries will not add the items to their featured new DVD and book displays, and put them with old items. They are still doing all kinds of tricks to stop people from finding Death of a Nation. We’d be glad to give Mr. D’Souza more details so he can expose the liberal library tyrants.