CAN'T MISS: Dinesh D'Souza set to take on Stanford's best leftists tonight!

Last night, Dinesh D’Souza spoke to a packed auditorium at Stanford University in what turned out to be one of his most contentious campus events of the semester!

Leading up to the event, Stanford’s little fascists-in-training promised protests, disruptions, and a myriad of other things aimed at silencing the voices of conservatives on campus. But did they succeed, or did they chicken out?

One thing is for sure: Dinesh D’Souza brought his message about Trump’s wall, social justice, and racism to one of the most liberal campuses in the country. Find out what happened next by watching the first public broadcast of this event!

TONIGHT, you can watch Dinesh D’Souza bring his exclusive Young America’s Foundation #FakeHistory Debunked tour to hundreds of students, faculty members, and community members at Stanford. Click here to register for this special broadcast!

In this brand-new lecture, D’Souza speaks about some of the most hot-button issues on college campuses today, and he holds NOTHING back! You are invited to take part in this special event from the comfort of your own home TONIGHT at 7 PM ET. Click here to secure your spot.

With a lengthy career in public policy, media, and academia, Dinesh D’Souza is expertly positioned to reveal the truth about the history of racism in America, debunk the Left’s biggest lies about immigration and border security, and expose the common myths about “social justice” for all to hear. Don’t miss this!

Tune in to watch everything, including the fiery Q&A, tonight at 7 PM ET!

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