D'Souza Explains Why Obama Thinks America is Oppressive

Dinesh D’Souza discussed why he believes the American dream has become precarious with Coast to Coast radio host George Noory on June 11.

America’s current leadership looks upon the forces that built America as oppressive, and “says things like capitalism is a form of theft in which entrepreneurs grab from people, what Obama calls, ‘their fair share,'” he commented. But this kind of thinking makes no sense, he continued, citing the brilliance of individuals like Steve Jobs, who developed products people didn’t even know they wanted. Further, the current US leadership has lost faith in America, and seeks to retract from its dominance on the world stage, D’Souza explained.

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We’ve seen remarkable economic decline in America in the last decade, and young people are not inspired by the same kind of entrepreneurial spirit and inventiveness that previously drove the country’s success, he added. D’Souza also touched on his new work about life after death, which he became interested in exploring after debating and hearing the viewpoints of several well known atheists such as evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and (the late) Christopher Hitchens. Life is a genuine mystery, and the people who claim there’s no God or life after death, have no actual basis for these assertions, he argued.


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