Breitbart: College Republican D'Souza event cannot use donor money for $19k security fee

Originally posted at Breitbart by Tom Ciccotta.

According to a report from The College Fix, Stanford University demanded a $19,000 security fee for an upcoming lecture from filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza. After a generous Stanford alum offered to pay the fee, university administrators told the student group that they would not accept the donor’s offer.

In a Facebook post, the Stanford College Republicans defended their event against criticisms from the student newspaper, which accused D’Souza of being an anti-semite.

The post read:

The most unfair and untrue accusation levied against D’Souza by The Stanford Daily is the implication that D’Souza is an anti-Semite. They imply that D’Souza’s accidental retweeting of a post with anti-Semitic hashtags is evidence of anti-Semitism. In reality, D’Souza made the mistake of not reading the full post before he retweeted. He acknowledged this, and apologized.

D’Souza is in no way, shape, or form an anti-Semite. He has condemned anti-Semites persistently, particularly those in the alt-right. He supports Israel unequivocally. D’Souza has never made disparaging statements about the Jewish people.

The Stanford College Republicans went on to argue that no one has done more to combat anti-semitism at Stanford than their group. They specifically pointed to an incident in which an anti-semitic residential advisor threatened to beat up Jewish students. According to the post, the Stanford College Republicans led the charge to have the staffer fired.

A Stanford representative said that they are looking for alternative ways for the event to still go on. “We are aware of the concerns surrounding the security costs and are looking into alternative arrangements that may allow the event to go forward,” E.J. Miranda, senior director of media relations, said in a comment.

D’Souza is known for debating progressive students during campus events. In one debate about white privilege, D’Souza told a white student that he should practice what he preaches and give up his seat at his prestigious college to an underserved minority.

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