Breitbart: DOJ Says Employers Can't Discriminate Against Transgendered

Originally posted at Breitbart.

On Thursday, US Attorney General Eric Holder announced a new interpretation of the Civil Rights Act meant to prevent employers from discriminating against people who claim the status of a transgendered person.

Holder announced in a memo that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which bars discrimination on the basis of sex, also applies to the transgendered.

“This important shift will ensure that the protections of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 are extended to those who suffer discrimination based on gender identity, including transgender status,” Holder said in the announcement. “This will help to foster fair and consistent treatment for all claimants. And it reaffirms the Justice Department’s commitment to protecting the civil rights of all Americans.”

The new interpretation of the law is aimed at giving the DOJ greater freedom in prosecuting people, businesses, and even government entities accused of discrimination.

While Holder’s memo clarified the DOJ’s position, most courts had already arrived at a similar interpretation in recent litigation.

The move was met with some criticism. After the announcement, Peter Sprigg, senior director for policy studies of the Family Research Council, criticized Holder, saying that the original intent of the 1964 Civil Rights Act most certainly did not cover transgendered people.

“Probably not one person thought they were passing a bill to protect men who wanted to become women or women who wanted to become men,” Sprigg said.

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  • Christina says:

    December 22, 2014 at 8:42 AM


    This is a very complicated subject that’s not quite so easily understood. I’m a conservative, practicing Catholic who is also libertarian. I’ve voted mostly republican except for a few conservative / libertarian candidates here and there. I’m also trans, based on not only my feelings, but also the diagnosis of my doctors and therapists who have run tests including genetic karyotyping.

    I learned at a very early age to keep this to myself and not talk about it. No one wanted to know and I didn’t want the punishments that went along with revealing my secret. I’ve kept it mostly buried because I knew there would have been extremely harsh negative repercussions if people knew this about me.

    Trans people are four times more likely to live in poverty than the general public. I personally know formerly successful people with advanced degrees who were at the top of their career who are now unemployed simply because they are trans. Surveys show that many lost a job due to bias (55%), were harassed/bullied in school (51%), had low household income, or were the victim of physical assault (61%).

    Trans people are not asking for special consideration. We just want the same opportunity as everyone else, that is, to be measured by our worth as human beings and the quality of the work that we do. A person’s gender, religion or race does not affect the quality of that person’s work. Hire us because we can do a great job for your business or fire us because we fail.

    The EEOC currently does protect people on the bases of age, race, sex, and religion. We simply ask for parity.

  • jones howell says:

    December 23, 2014 at 6:24 PM

    As conservatives we are not against anyone’s rights and think everyone deserves respect and a fair shake. What we are against is government issuing special protection or status for groups. If cross-dressing obviously diminishes the appeal of a business, then private businessses have a right to uphold their standards and personal preference has to take a back seat. Once government issues special protection to a group it diminishes the status of the individual, and hence, individual rights.