CainTV: D'Souza and Stopping The Suicide of a Nation

Originally posted at Best of Cain by Herman Cain.


For nearly two years at this site, we have watched and reported on a parade of failed policies, scandals, cover-ups and outright lies from the Obama administration and their elected congressional Democrat cohorts. The list includes the crisis in Iraq, the VA scandal, the IRS targeting scandal, Benghazi, the EPA’s attack on the coal industry and property rights, the unfinished implosion of ObamaCare and this perpetually stalled economy.

Each new crisis, and every new revelation about the truth, have repeatedly raised the question by listeners and readers of this space: “Are these crises the result of gross incompetence, gross negligence or gross leadership ineptness?”

Sadly, the conclusion by many is “all of the above”. This is producing a gradual destruction of our nation economically, militarily, culturally and in influence through the eyes of the rest of the world. A plethora of reports, commentaries, analyses, polls and surveys easily validate this assertion, some of which are regularly shared in this space and on my daily syndicated radio show.

Some callers, listeners and readers of this website have also been raising the question: “Is this destruction of America intentional?”

I have tried to resist answering this in the affirmative, since it is inconceivable to me that Americans would want to hurt America. But sadly, Dinesh D’Souza makes a compelling case for “yes” in his latest book, America: Imagine a World Without Her.

D’Souza is a former White House policy analyst, a scholar, writer, speaker and filmmaker. Many of you may remember the media “controversy” surrounding his first film 2016: Obama’s America. He has now been targeted by the IRS, and some believe America has been blacklisted by the New York Times.

“Suicide of a Nation” is the first chapter in Dinesh’s new book, which was enough for me to want to share with you while I finish my read. The fact that he has been targeted, blacklisted and shunned by the mainstream media is all the more reason to want to finish his provocative analysis of what “progressives” are doing to this country on purpose.

Yes, he explains how “liberals” have renamed themselves “progressives” in order to imply a constructive connotation to their destructive mission. The good news is that only the most gullible and vulnerable among us are buying this junk narrative.

That’s why there is still hope to stop it! This is what we talk about and write about constantly to inspire more and more people to take it seriously, and do what they can do to continue building America, instead of tearing it apart.

The truth is slowing the progressives’ momentum. But as Dinesh points out in his works, they are patient and persistent. Those of us who believe in the greatness of America must be more patient and more persistent.

We can stop the slow death of this nation.

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  • Carolyn J. Clark says:

    June 27, 2014 at 10:04 PM

    Blindness is afflicting Americans right now. They won’t see what is happening.

  • Adele Shafferman says:

    July 1, 2014 at 12:01 AM

    Blindness is afflicting some. But many, many Americans have believed for several years that Obama is deeply anti-American and is intentionally destroying it.