American Spectator: Iran and the Roots of Obama's Rage

Originally posted at The American Spectator by Abraham H. Miller.

Was Dinesh D’Souza right? Mr. D’Souza is a political commentator who proposed that the best explanation of President Obama’s behavior was not to be found in Obama’s seeming embrace of the radical socialism of Saul Alinsky but in the anti-colonialism of his father. Mr. D’Souza’s theory has been heatedly dismissed by the White House with the admonition that in America we do not judge people by their father’s political beliefs and that Ronald Reagan’s father was an alcoholic.

Fair enough, but then Ronald Reagan never wrote a memoir titled, Dreams from My Father, in which he measured his own life by both the achievements and failures of an alcoholic father that had abandoned him.

The reason that Mr. D’Souza’s 2010 book comes back into focus is Mr. Obama’s Iran deal. If we had doubts about Mr. D’Souza’s hypothesis before, Mr. Obama in recent weeks has gone a long way toward lending confirmation to it.

If you begin with the reasonable supposition that Mr. Obama is not an anti-Semite, then how do you explain his trafficking in contemptible blame the Jews rhetoric in order to promote his dangerous Iran deal? And for those who cannot bring themselves to accept Mr. Obama’s contemptible behavior, even longtime Obama supporter Abraham Foxman said, “Obama was using language—saying those opposed to the deal were cynically motivated to bomb Iranian nuclear sites—that fueled the anti-Semitic stereotyping of Jews as warmongers.”

One would think that after a lifetime of fighting anti-Semitism Mr. Foxman would know anti-Semitic references when he heard them.

So, how do you explain Mr. Obama’s sinking to this level of bullying to promote a deal that is so flawed it loses support daily?

Well, open the pages of Mr. D’Souza’s, The Roots of Obama’s Rage, and things start falling into place. Barack Obama’s view of the world is derived from that of his father’s anti-colonialism.

Mr. Obama accepts the leftist fiction that Israel is the last outpost of colonialism, an accusation too absurd to be considered serious. This is in keeping with Mr. Obama’s relationship with the late Edward Said and Rashid Khalidi, two Middle East scholars who promulgate that idea, and why to this day, the Los Angeles Times will not release the tape of Mr. Obama’s remarks at Mr. Khalidi’s farewell dinner.

This also explains why Mr. Obama joined the Rev. Jeremy Wright’s congregation, a congregation that broke its ties with mainstream white Christianity and embarked on a mission of black power and liberation theology. Wright took a dying congregation and rejuvenated it. His liberation theology and sense of black pride, along with his anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism, spoke to thousands of black Chicagoans who felt alienated and marginalized in white society.

The Rev. Wright’s rage was Mr. Obama’s rage. The Rev. Wright’s theology was Mr. Obama’s theology.

When the Rev. Wright upped the ante of outrageous comments and Mr. Obama had to part company with him, it was “them Jews” that the Rev. Wright blamed for Mr. Obama putting daylight between them. Are we to believe that Mr. Obama sat at the feet of his mentor for twenty years and never knew his sermons were flavored with anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism?

The Rev. Wright simply reinforced Mr. Obama’s view of colonialism. More important, in the black power ideology, colonialism applies to the white domination of the black ghetto.

Obama senior’s inspiration, as his son interpreted it, was to fight colonialism. It is why Obama backs the Palestinians over Israel. As he told the editor of the Electronic Intifada, Ali Abunimah, he was backing Israel as a political necessity to secure support from the Jews in the Democratic Party. As Mr. Abunimah put it, “He (Obama) is merely doing what he thinks is necessary to get elected and he will continue doing it as long as it keeps him power.” As these remarks became public, they appeared so threatening to Obama’s senatorial campaign that David Axelrod quickly denied them.

To reduce America’s power in the world is to reduce America’s potential for strategic dominance, i.e. colonialism, in Obama’s vision. The rise of an Obama-nourished Iranian hegemonic power in the Middle East is an impediment to American colonialism. America is not exceptional—in this vision—and should not be. The Iran deal reduces America’s strategic power and makes its prospects for interfering in the rest of the world less likely. Obama is not afraid of a stronger Iran as much as he fears a stronger America.

And the same mindset applies to the inner city. It is why three members of the administration were sent to pay respects at the funeral of a thug who fought a policeman for his gun and lost. The thug was perceived as a victim of the colonial police force.

It is why the minor altercation between Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates and the Cambridge police is worthy of the attention and prestige of the White House. Mr. Gates was a victim of the colonialism that oppresses black people daily.

In the end, Mr. Obama is remaking the Middle East, not in America’s interest, but in accord with a vision of America as a colonial power that projects power too easily. If his Kenyan father had a dream, Mr. Obama is fulfilling it both at home and abroad.

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  • D. Mark Ward says:

    August 21, 2015 at 11:30 AM

    I can see it now, i.e. see the trap being laid for Israel. An “international” non-proliferation agreement is put in (non-)force and Israel objects and reacts to what is really going on in Iran. Therefore, Israel is more of an outlaw. An “agreement” has been reached don’t ya know. So their objections to the “consensus” justifies even more them being pushed into the sea (read: Genocide) by multi-nation “cooperators”.

    The object of the nuclear deal is not to get a real deal (a win-win). The object is to get a signed piece of paper to lay a PR trap for Israel when the bullets fly and the U.S. refuses to back Israel (because they don’t go along with the “internationally sanctioned agreement”). Next 16 months is crucial for Israel.

  • El Cid says:

    August 24, 2015 at 2:15 PM

    Yes Mark. Even worse.

    I will not be surprised if the Mullahs reject the treaty (let’s call it by it’s proper name). This will be the final confusion for the simple minded who don’t understand the subtlety of strategy. The public will view the rejection of the treaty by Iran as a sign that the deal was in the US interest. The naysayers will look like idiots, and Obama will be a hero. A double victory for Iran.

    A secret deal has already been signed at the UN, so why would the Mullahs need a treaty? Iran has already accomplished what they set out to do:

    1) Reduce/eliminate the sanctions (like Humpty Dumpty, cannot be put together again), The world is lining up to do business including our allies with the blessing of Obama (e.g. South Korea).
    2) Eliminate interference for their non-compliance with the Non-Proliferation Treaty of which they are a signatory
    3) Fund the continued export of terror around the Middle East and the globe
    4) Eliminate all further leverage of the US in the region.

    And, as you pointed out, ensure that Israel appears as a “rogue” state, bent on war, just like Obama promotes even while Iran calls publicly for the destruction of Israel. Logic has nothing to do with it.

    Does anyone remember when Obama was promoting the idea that Iran wouldn’t develop a bomb because the Mullahs said it was not Islamic? He hasn’t said that recently. Progress?

  • Lance H says:

    August 26, 2015 at 8:59 AM

    Our Lord G-d said that ALL nations will turn their back on Israel. This includes the US. Antisemitism is at an all time global high. Much of Israel will be destroyed and that may be very soon. Although Israel will be attacked and come close to destruction, Jesus will return as a lion and destroy all that attacked Israel. The destruction that comes has never been experienced in the existence of G-d’s creation and it will be unimaginably horrific.

    He comes..

  • A Watcher says:

    August 30, 2015 at 4:07 PM

    I’ve been an avid studier of eschatology for over 35 years and seen the scenario laid out by the three prior commenters come to fruition before my eyes. Coming soon will be a covenant between the “man of perdition” and Israel to assure Israel’s safety in a hostile world armed against it. Under pressure this agreement will be trashed and Israel’s enemies will attack from all sides. It’s destruction will be fast and without mercy. All will appear lost but God’s people will not surrender. That’s when The Almighty will reveal Himself to His chosen and will supernaturally intervene to rescue the Israelites by destroying ALL the advancing forces. Israel will show the world who It’s protector and God is. Allah’s satanic armies are finished. However, the planet will tremble and never be the same again. Israel will now accept it’s long awaited Son, Yahshus, the redeemer but it’s cost will be tragic and long remembered. Dispute this if you wish but in the end The One, Almighty God, YHWH/Yahshua will have His prophesied way.

  • Thomas Johnson says:

    September 4, 2015 at 3:50 PM

    Yes, Dinesh is right. Now…WHERE does the concept of “anticolonialism” come from? MARXIST LENINISM. It’s a COMMUNIST concept, pushed for many decades back to Stalin. Obama’s world view is “anticolonialist” yes, but that is only a small part of his Marxist Leninist revolutionary world view. The entire persona he created in order to get elected is a LIE. Dinesh is right, Obama’s “real self” is Anti American to it’s core. As Alan Keyes said back in 2009: “Obama is a radical communist and he will destroy America. Either we stop Obama or the United States of America ceases to exist.”