#TruthStraightUp: America is a Christian nation

What does it mean to live in a “Christian nation?”

The value of human life. The dignity of human beings. Equality. Compassion.

These values are all the legacy of Christianity, and such values didn’t exist at the societal level in the pre-Christian world.

In fact, it is a Christian idea that no man has the right to rule another without consent, and that is the very foundation of our republic.

America is a Christian nation, and we’re better off because of it.

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What does it mean to say that we live in a Christian nation?

What this really means is that our core principles, in fact, we share even across the political spectrum. The idea of the preciousness of human life. the dignity of human beings, equality, the idea of compassion, these are all the legacy of Christianity.

The proof, by the way, is to look at the world before Christianity in pre-Christian Greece and Rome. These values really did not exist, at least not in their current form.

When Jefferson sat down to write where our rights come from, he could think of only one source: the Creator. It is the theological principle that we are created equal in the eyes of God.

This notion of moral equality translates into a political corollary, which is that no man has the right to rule another the core principle of anti-slavery, but, very interestingly, the core principle of democracy.

Because what’s democracy based on?

No man has the right to rule another without consent.

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