"America" To Host Teacher Appreciation Red Carpet Event

On January 16, teachers and homeschool parents from all around the Houston, TX area are invited to a special screening of America the movie, hosted especially in appreciation of teachers by Hero and Friend.

Teachers are the key to the education of our youth and to the restoration of justice and liberty in our country, and we salute teachers whose dedication, sacrifice, and hard work are given selflessly every day.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick will speak and conduct a live Skype Q&A with Dinesh D’Souza.

Arrival and check in begins at 6:00 PM at the HCDE Conference Center Ronald W. Reagan building in Houston. Dinner and dessert will be included, and attendees will receive an America Educational Edition DVD for viewing in their classroom.

Teachers, homeschool parents, and students, please RSVP by emailing info@heroandfriend.org.

January 16, 2015
Red Carpet Begins at 6:00 PM
Movie Begins at 7:00 PM

HCDE Conference Center
Ronald W. Reagan Building
6300 Irvington Blvd.
Houston, TX 77022

Five Media Figures Endorse America The Movie:

ABC’s Martha Raddatz: “Everybody Should Go See It.” After D’Souza appeared on ABC’s This Week on July 6 to promote his new film and book, host Martha Raddatz told viewers, “It’s a very interesting movie. Everybody should go see it.”

FOX News’ Megyn Kelly: “This Is A Fascinating Film.” On the July 1 edition of Fox News’ The Kelly File, Megyn Kelly hosted D’Souza to promote his new movie. Kelly declared that America was “a fascinating film.” Later in the week, Kelly devoted a whole show to promoting the film and book in a FOX News special called America: A Kelly File Special.

FOX News’ Andrea Tantaros: “Kids Should Watch This So They’re Armed With The Facts.” On the July 7 edition of FOX News’ The Five, the co-hosts praised D’Souza’s America. Co-host Andrea Tantaros championed the movie for “factually laying out what actually happened” in American history, adding that “kids should be watching this so they’re armed with the facts when they go off to college.”

Sean Hannity: America Will Be A “Big Hit”. During the July 1 edition of The Sean Hannity Show, D’Souza promoted what he called his “patriotic film, perfect for the family,” while host Sean Hannity applauded the film, deeming it a “big hit”

Rush Limbaugh: You’ll Be “Inspired By” The Film. On the July 1 edition of his radio show, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh compared D’Souza’s film to the film It’s a Wonderful Life, telling viewers that they will “be inspired by it.”


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  • Mark Bayne says:

    January 12, 2015 at 10:02 PM

    I have an idea called before and after that could show the differences of society’s before and after the takeover by Muslim extremists. A lot of stock footage cheap easy Iran pre khomenie . Egypt Syria Beirut ect. I’m just a guy who likes your work god bless you and yours. Mark n Tracie.

  • Gayle Szeredy says:

    January 16, 2015 at 8:42 PM

    Just wanted to say “thank you” Mr. D’Souza, for all your work. Please keep it up because we only have people like you to speak for us. Unfortunately there aren’t enough of you. My husband and I are more appreciative than you know. We also bought “America” and know more than ever how much you care for this country. May God bless you and keep you and yours safe, because what you do is very dangerous.