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VIDEO: Politicians are using coronavirus as a pretext to deny basic liberties

We are a country under a constitution, and the government cannot blindly take away our rights. Our health and safety is important, but so is our religious freedom and economic prospects for the future.

OUTRAGEOUS: Democrats are complicit in the media's attacks on Trump

The Democrats are playing politics with the coronavirus. Part of their fanaticism in attacking President Trump is aimed at propping up Joe Biden.

The Wrap: Dinesh D'Souza's "Trump Card" due out this August in time for GOP Convention

Dinesh D’Souza’s next documentary “Trump Card,” a paean to the current president and attack on his Democratic opponents, is due to open in theaters on August 7, just two weeks ahead of the Republican National Convention.

VIDEO: Biden is returning to the irascible and peevish behavior of childhood

Biden is lost in more than one sense. He’s not just disconnected from reality, he’s disconnected from the Democratic Party itself.

BIDEN VS. SANDERS: The Democratic Party wants a marionette it can control

Democrats had a choice between a clinical nut—Biden—or an ideological nut—Sanders. They’re choosing Biden because at least they can control him.

PAROXYSM OF RAGE: Senator Schumer is deranged over pro-life politics

Senator Schumer’s thuggish rhetoric is a direct threat to the Court. His recent actions are proof that we are in for a lot of craziness as the Supreme Court begins to shift and landmark decisions come into question.

VIDEO: A United States under President Bernie Sanders would be catastrophic

My wife Debbie D’Souza joined Trish Regan to reveal the dire consequences a socialist Bernie Sanders presidency would have on the United States and why we can never let that happen!

VIDEO: The real malady isn't coronavirus, it's Trump Derangement Syndrome

Democrats are appealing to the bottom of the electorate when they shame President Donald Trump over coronavirus.

STEALTH IS THE NAME OF THE GAME: Sanders is too honest for the Democrats

Bernie Sanders doesn’t understand the strategy of stealth socialism that the Democrats have been using for years. He says what he thinks, and that is the political conundrum of the Democratic Party today.

VIDEO: Sanders is a product of academic nostrums taking over mainstream culture

Socialism used to be a kind of academic subculture, but in the last couple of decades it has exploded like a virus into the larger society. The media is a transmitter of this, and Democrats like Bernie Sanders are embracing it hook, line, and sinker!