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Western Journal: Dinesh D’Souza reveals the big lie about Charlottesville

In reality, conservatives and white nationalists are not only in different camps, they are in opposed camps.

Rush Limbaugh: D'Souza on his new provocative new film and the fascism of the Democratic Party

Dinesh D’Souza joined Rush Limbaugh to discuss the release of his new movie “Death of a Nation” and to talk about the Democratic Party’s cozy relationship, both past and present, with fascism and racism.

VIDEO: Why are Democrats still nuts 2 years after Trump's win?

Where does the Democratic Party get the license to trump an electoral majority in a democratic society?

EXCLUSIVE MOVIE CLIP: Conclusive proof Nazism is on the Left

Here’s the actual Nazi 25-point platform…

AUDIENCE REACTION: Moviegoers give "Death of a Nation" rare "A" rating

Leftist critics who despise Dinesh D’Souza give “Death of a Nation” 0% ratings, but audiences that have actually seen the film rate it “A” according to the independent polling group CinemaScore.

"Death of a Nation" opens in theaters nationwide today

Do you have your tickets yet? Reserve your seats now and SHARE with your friends and family.

VIDEO: D'Souza compares situations of Trump and Lincoln, enrages Left

Look at how eerily similar the situations of President Trump and President Lincoln are.

EXCLUSIVE MOVIE CLIP: What does Richard Spencer really believe?

Yes, Charlottesville was a tragedy, but the media Left’s Charlottesville narrative—that white nationalists are on the Right—is fake.

Epoch Times: 'Death of a Nation' shows Democrat plantation still in business

Dinesh D’Souza contends that the plantation system aims to reduce constituencies to dependency.

EXCLUSIVE MOVIE CLIP: Proof the Democrats were too racist even for the Nazis

As for the Democratic “one drop rule,” incredibly, the Nazis found it to racist, even for them.