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VIDEO: Democrat diversity charade gives way to field of old white men

There’s a little bit of Bernie Sanders in all of us. This is the secret of his appeal, especially to the younger generation.

The MSM will get into bed with anyone out of mad hatred toward Trump

I’m not saying the media Left likes Soleimani. But they are willing to ally with the “far enemy” in Iran to defeat the “near enemy” in the White House.

Disgusting conditions in California resemble the slums of Mumbai

The homeless population multiplying in Democrat-run cities is the miserable product of liberal jurisprudence and progressive policies. The solution? Vote out the Democratic Left and make American cities great again!

WILL PEOPLE GO TO JAIL? D'Souza reacts to IG report & deep state FISA abuse

Did the rogue cops at the FBI who deceived the FISA court act without bias? The nature of the “errors” is prima facie evidence they were out to get President Donald Trump.

D’SOUZA ON NAS SHOOTING: Have we forgotten the lessons of 9/11?

Yes, Saudi Arabia has been a U.S. ally since World War II. But now, there are two Saudi Arabias: the good one and the bad one.

BIDEN’S TAILSPIN: Former VP can’t remember the names of his own VP picks

Biden tries to remember what day it is while his Latino adviser quits over his insistence on deporting criminal aliens.

HEROES OF THE LEFT: The Left reveals its obsession with liars

The Left’s new pantheon of saints and heroes—here Laura Ingraham and I name names and dish out dirt on each of these fakers!

THE PARTY OF LAWLESSNESS: Is there no end to the insanity of the Left?

Why is a major political party in the United States encouraging lawlessness as a part of their platform?

D'Souza Gill: Impeachment hoax shows Democrats know Trump will win

The impeachment hoax shows that Democrats are terrified of a fair 2020 fight! Danielle D’Souza breaks it all down with Lara Trump.

AWARD-WINNING FICTION: Schiff's lost opportunity as a screenwriter

They said Adam Schiff wanted to be a screenwriter… Well, now he is! Watch for an evaluation of his latest work of fiction.