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EXCLUSIVE: Watch the OFFICIAL Trailer for "Trump Card"

Watch the official “Trump Card” trailer, then reserve your DVD copy today!

VIDEO: Kamala Harris's VP acceptance speech was a total lie-filled disaster

Kamala Harris is very selective about what she will reveal to the American people about her family history.

VIDEO: Do you want Democrats to steal other people's stuff for you?

The democrats entice people to buy into their socialist agenda by promising free stuff but what’s really going on behind the scenes?

IN THE FRAY: Trump is not captive to the media's intimidation tactics

Behind the media’s double standard is a single standard.

VIDEO: When de Blasio looks at the looters in NYC, he sees himself

What makes Antifa so dangerous is that it has allies in academia, the media, Hollywood, and—yes—even the Governor’s office.

TURN OF EVENTS: Racial arsonists are pretending to be firefighters

Democrats are like racial arsonists who show up before an election pretending to be firefighters.

VIDEO: Dems want to turn police into instruments of their ideological agenda

When the Left says “defund the police,” they don’t mean it.

VIDEO: The Left is sowing the seeds of social division to bring about their new socialism

What is the connection between the death of George Floyd and the violent protests going on around the world?

VIDEO: Would Biden's election ensure the adoption of socialism in America?

Rocking chair Joe Biden is trying to lull people into falling for his creeping socialism.

PJ Media: Dinesh D'Souza on the New Socialism

D’Souza explained how socialism morphed into an identity politics movement, how it relates to antifa, and why the coronavirus pandemic was a terrifying taste of what socialism has in store for America.