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IT'S ALL ABOUT THE $$$: D'Souza proves Marx was wrong about capitalists

Who gets the profit? Marx says the laborer deserves all the dough, but here’s how businesses actually run and why that doesn’t make sense.

VIDEO: Democrats rewrite history of racism while pandering to minorities

NEW: Dinesh and Debbie D’Souza join Joe Pags to discuss the history of racism on the Left, minority pandering in the Democratic Party, and more!

Danielle D'Souza Gill: Women are supporting Trump in record numbers

Americans don’t relate to the far Left. But they DO relate to President Trump! And that includes women.

THE REAL QUESTION: What role does Bill Clinton play in Epstein's sex ring?

Trump’s idle talk about Epstein is unfortunate. Acosta’s prosecutorial negligence is worse. But worst of all are those who participated in the sex slavery scheme.

D'Souza: Democrats are embracing radical extremism in 2020 race

Have Democrats forgotten they not only have to win their primary, but also run against Trump in the general election? Total fail!

HANDS OFF MY WALLET: D'Souza reveals solution to tax "fairness" problem

We don’t try to enforce brackets of speed limits on the highway, so why do we try to impose brackets of tax rates? A uniform rate of taxation, like a uniform speed limit, is the most fair system.

DEMOCRATS GONE WILD: Lara Trump and D'Souza discuss Dems' losing strategy

NEW: Dinesh D’Souza discusses the 2020 downward spiral of the Democratic Party with Lara Trump on President Trump’s Facebook Page!

VIDEO: Obama rides up and puts a gun to your head, what do you do next?

Try as it might, the government cannot force us to be charitable. Do you deserve any moral credit for giving under duress?

VIDEO: Hispanic Dem candidate can't speak Spanish & blames it on OPPRESSION!

Democrats continue to engage in shameless Hispandering as a ploy to win votes. When will they learn?

VIDEO: Antifa violently attacks innocent man ON video, leftist calls it "alleged"

This Democratic strategist calls violent crime “alleged” and says “look at the facts.” Okay, let’s look at the facts.