Dinesh D'Souza's Films

Trump Card

Order the DVD now! “Trump Card” is an exposé of the socialism, corruption and gangsterization that now define the Democratic Party.

Death of a Nation

Order on DVD, Blu-ray, & Digital HD now! Lincoln united his party and saved America from the Democrats for the first time. Can Trump—and we—come together and save America for the second time?

Hillary's America: The Secret History Of The Democratic Party

In his shocking new film, Dinesh D’Souza exposes the secret history of the Democrats and the true motivations of Hillary before the election this year. What are these Democrats hiding?

America: Imagine The World Without Her

From the team that created “2016: Obama’s America” comes the story not of a man, but of a nation at the crossroads of hope and disaster, whose destination will soon be decided.

2016: Obama's America

Immersed in exotic locales across four continents, best selling author Dinesh D’Souza races against time to find answers to Obama’s past and reveal where America will be in 2016.