Letters to a Young Conservative

The best-selling writer of the Reagan revolution offers advice to today’s budding young conservatives—the very people he sees as the true “radicals” of tomorrow.

Dinesh D’Souza rose to national prominence as one of the founders of the Dartmouth Review, a leading voice in the rebirth of conservative politics on college campuses in the 1980s.

He fired the first popular shot against political correctness with his best-selling exposé, Illiberal Education. Now, after serving as a Reagan White House staffer, managing editor of Policy Review, and a scholar at The American Enterprise Institute and the Hoover Institution, he addresses the next generation with Letters to a Young Conservative.

Drawing on his own colorful experiences, both within the conservative world and while skirmishing with the left, D’Souza aims to enlighten and inspire young conservatives and give them weapons for the intellectual battles that they face in high school, college and everyday life. Letters to a Young Conservative also illuminates the enduring themes that for D’Souza anchor the conservative position: not “family values” or patriotism, but a philosophy based on natural rights and a belief in universal moral truths.

With a light touch, D’Souza shows that conservatism doesn’t have to be stodgy or defensive, even though it is based on preserving the status quo. To the contrary, when a conservative has to expose basic liberal assumptions to scrutiny, the conservative must become a kind of imaginative, fun-loving, forward looking guerilla—philosophically conservative but temperamentally radical.

Among the topics Dinesh D’Souza covers in Letters to a Young Conservative:

  •   Fighting Political Correctness
  •   Authentic vs. Bogus Multiculturalism
  •   Why Government Is the Problem
  •   When the Rich Get Richer
  •   How Affirmative Action Hurts Blacks
  •   The Feminist Mistake
  •   All the News That Fits
  •   How to Harpoon a Liberal
  •   The Self-Esteem Hoax
  •   A Republican Realignment?
  •   Why Conservatives Should Be Cheerful

What Others Are Saying

“Dinesh D’Souza has written a book that teaches, inspires, and motivates the next generation of American conservatives. As only Dinesh can, he cuts through the illusions and lies of liberalism, and articulates the wisdom of conservatism. Letters to a Young Conservative should be a part of every conservative’s library.”
—SEAN HANNITY, Fox News Channel

“A fine polemical book. Perfect for every undergraduate. And for every graduate who has forgotten, or never knew, the amplitude of the arguments for American conservatism.”