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Can Trump—and we—come together and save America for the second time? Available now!

Trump is uncannily truthful and has a strong sense of right & wrong

Most politicians are dependable in the retail sense, but entirely unreliable in the wholesale sense. President Trump is the opposite. [...]

D'Souza: Democrats patronize minorities by speaking Spanish

Democrat pandering has reached comic levels. And guess who's sitting back with a box of popcorn and laughing his head [...]

The Left actively shifts blame away from the real 9/11 perpetrators

Why does the Left, from Ilhan Omar to "The New York Times," minimize the significance of 9/11? It's not because [...]

Democrats have revealed their hand with latest calls for gun bans

Our Second Amendment rights are not less important than our First or Fourth Amendment rights. Instead of punishing lawful gun [...]

WHAT'S AT STAKE: The other side wants us to be a nation of worms

There's a lesson from Abraham Lincoln (a Republican) that modern Republicans should heed: You have to do to them what [...]

THE GOVERNMENT IS THE VILLAIN: Why bureaucrats always screw things up

The problem with government agencies is that, by their nature, they have no information about what policies would be best [...]

D'Souza: Donald Trump didn't cause the division in America, it caused him

Republicans need to toughen up! Not because we are immoderate people, but because we are in an immoderate situation. Watch [...]

Dems have a declining credibility problem thanks to open hypocrisy

Actions speak louder than words. Here's what the Obamas' purchase of expensive coastal property on Martha's Vineyard tells us about [...]

Dinesh D'Souza debunks "sophisticated lies" in NYT's 1619 Project

The NYT's 1619 Project conceals the role of the Democrats in promoting and protecting slavery. This is the elephant—or perhaps [...]

Antifa is a terrorist group that brutalizes people who don't conform

"Hate" has now become a code word to describe those who have fallen out of step with progressive ideology. This [...]