Dinesh D'Souza Videos

DISGUSTING: Why Democrats don't want to help inner cities

Democrats make off like bandits as the overseers of their urban plantations. Why would they want to change this? — [...]

Leftist student instantly regrets calling D'Souza a liar

Does being pro-life mean that you're a bigot, or does this student have it all wrong and the actual racists [...]

MUST SEE: D'Souza tears apart Democrat lies about fascism

At this event produced by Young America's Foundation, Dinesh D'Souza visits the campus of SUNY Stony Brook to tear down [...]

SHOCKING: D'Souza proves northern Democrats supported slavery too

Should we condemn "the South" for slavery, or does the blame actually lie with the party that protected it in [...]

Student attempts to battle D'Souza over Marxism

What is Marxism apart from Marxists? Every regime professing socialism has taken over private industry and established government control of [...]

D'Souza exposes the secret history of LBJ

Is the Democratic Party now the party of civil rights, or is it still the party of bigotry and racism [...]

Rosie accused of multiple illegal campaign donations

Justice isn't merely about whether you broke the law—it is also about whether others similarly situated receive the same penalty. [...]

How Republicans can attract young people & minorities

We are the party of idealism, and we must compete for the idealism of young people and minorities. — Available [...]

Are college administrations squelching free speech?

Because college administrators and faculty members have failed their students so miserably, students must now, by tragic necessity, bear the [...]

D'Souza calls out professors for being scared of debate

Available nationwide, Dinesh D'Souza's new book "The Big Lie" exposes the Left's biggest lie yet: their orchestrated campaign to paint [...]