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WOW! Democrats BRAGGED about creating these policies for Hitler

American progressives who contributed their schemes to Hitler's “final solution” were so proud of their influence that they congratulated each [...]

WOW! D'Souza gives unexpected response to question about civility in politics

In this campus event at the University of Washington, Dinesh D'Souza responds to a student who asked him about decreasing [...]

SHOCKING: D'Souza accuses Democrats of running new slave plantations

Where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson's protests when inner cities keep blacks in a vicious dependency cycle? Where are [...]

"The South" didn't perpetrate slavery, these people did

300000 Americans fought a bloody and deadly war to end slavery, most of them white. "America," or even "the South," [...]

WOW! Students shocked by buried fact about Democrats

The Democrats have absolutely no shame for their racism—they claimed THIS about blacks in the South that even Hitler was [...]

D'Souza shocks audience with actual story of Democrat racism

YES, REALLY: You won't believe this racist Democrat policy that made even the most extreme Nazis say "no way, that's [...]

SHOCKING: D'Souza exposes how leftists shifted blame for KKK

You won't believe what Saul Alinsky told leftists to do in order to make it seems like the Klan—the domestic [...]

D’Souza reveals horrifying fact about 4 million slaves in 1860

In 1860, the year before the Civil War, all of the slaves in the United States—four million of the them—were [...]

D’Souza exposes which leftists are more dangerous than Antifa

Believe it or not, Antifa thugs don't represent the greatest fascist threat to America today, THESE people do — Available [...]

Dinesh D'Souza takes on leftist snowflakes at UNC Greensboro

In his latest Young America's Foundation “D'Souza Unchained” lecture, Dinesh D'Souza spoke about the Nazi roots of the American Left [...]