Glenn Beck: D’Souza To Lift The Veil On The Democratic Party In New Film

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Abortion: Rhetoric vs. Reality

Liberal compassion seems to extend to the illegal alien, the transvestite, and even the snail darter, but not to the [...]

Pro-Choice, Pro-Death

Planned Parenthood tried to kill this woman—but she survived to tell the tale!

New Voices: Fun With Words, Planned Parenthood Special Edition

"ORBITS ON SALE!" John and John examine #PlannedParenthood's strategy of renaming human body parts before selling them.

New Voices: John And John On Planned Parenthood

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To My ONE MILLION Facebook Fans, Thank You!

Here I am, ahead of schedule, with ONE MILLION friends and fans on Facebook! Thank you!

New Voices: Elly's Clinton Campaign Highlights

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A Magical Moment: Dinesh & Debbie

On Tuesday at the Wynn Las Vegas, I popped the question to Debbie Fancher and she said...

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