Sonnie Johnson and Dinesh D'Souza Explode Myth About Liberals & Minorities

"Hillary's America" is in theaters nationwide! Get your tickets now:

Glenn Beck: D'Souza Answers Professor's Dare To Show That Democrats Are The Real Racists

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Anthony Cumia Show: How Hillary & Bill Always Stay One Step Ahead

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Judge Jeanine & D'Souza Break Down The REAL History Of Civil Rights In America

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CNN Admits To Being "The Biggest Ones Promoting" Hillary's Campaign

CNN: "We couldn't help Hillary Clinton any more than we have...she's had a free ride from the media...we're the biggest [...]

Where The HELL Is Black Lives Matter?

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It's Partytime Again, America!

The Clintons want back in the White House—it's partytime again, America! "Hillary's America" is in theaters now:

From The Creators of Whitewater, Travelgate, Benghazi...

Don't miss out the most terrifying movie you'll ever see. It's a true story. "Hillary's America" is in theaters now: [...]

The RNC Has Completely Ignored "Hillary's America"

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