Kelly File: D'Souza on Life After Sentencing

Speaking with Megyn Kelly on Thursday night, Dinesh D'Souza describes living in confinement.

"America" The Movie: Digital HD Trailer

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Mike Gallagher: D'Souza Explains Tactics of Prosecution

D'Souza joined Mike Gallagher on his national radio show on Wednesday to discuss the outcome of his recent sentencing hearing. [...]

Kelly File: D'Souza Speaks Out About Sentencing

In an exclusive interview with Megyn Kelly on Wednesday night, D'Souza spoke out about his sentencing earlier that day in [...]

Kelly File: D'Souza Debates 9/11 Apologist Ward Churchill

D'Souza joined "The Kelly File" on Friday in an exclusive debate with Ward Churchill, discussing American politics and America's role [...]

Kelly File: D'Souza Previews Ward Churchill Interview

D'Souza will be part of an exclusive interview and debate with Ward Churchill on “The Kelly File.” Watch to learn [...]

Chris Rock: How To Not Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police

In his inimitable style, comedian Chris Rock offers sage advice on "how to not get your ass kicked by the [...]

Obama on Islam

It's almost surreal now to listen to Obama's 2009 Cairo speech praising Islam and stressing what America can learn from [...]

Pull the wagon or ride in the wagon?

"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to [...]