imageDinesh D’Souza has had the honor of speaking at many colleges, universities, churches, business groups and conferences. Each year, he speaks to every type of audience from liberal campuses to conservative rallies. Dinesh would be glad to speak to your group. Below you will find more information about his topics, upcoming events, past engagements, and how to request him to speak.


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Stealing America

What do the Democratic Party and a gang of criminals have in common? Funny you should ask! Applying the hardboiled perspective on America that he leaned living among the criminal underclass, D’Souza observed that America is becoming less exceedingly exceptional every day. As for American liberalism, it is not a movement of ideas at all; it is but a series of scams and cons aimed at nothing less than stealing the wealth of the American people.

America: What Would The World Be Like Without Her?

For over two hundred years, America has been a shining city on the hill: a symbol of freedom and opportunity for the rest of the world. An inspiration for those living in abject poverty or under oppressive regimes. A refuge and a home. A grand experiment in freedom. A prosperous land of opportunity. A force for good in times of evil, and a force for order in times of chaos. But what if America had never been founded?

What’s So Great about Christianity

In his debates with leading atheists (including the late Christopher Hitchens) Dinesh D’Souza faced a barrage of questions about Christianity such as “Has Christianity been disproven by science?”, “Has it been debunked as a force for good?”, and “Has it been discredited as a guide to morality?” In this talk, Dinesh explores the truths of Christianity, how they withstand modern arguments, and how Christianity has shaped (and continues to shape) the best values of Western civilization.

God & Suffering: Is there a God who Cares?

From private conversations to formal debates, Dinesh noticed that most atheists are “wounded theists.” It’s not that they refuse to believe in God, rather, they are angry and disappointed with God. A catalyst event can cause us to turn from God because we don’t understand how God can be good and allow us to suffer. In this talk, Dinesh explains how God, suffering, and evil can coexist using modern science to make his case.

Life after Death: The Evidence

Is death the end? It’s a question we all ask. Dinesh D’Souza makes the convincing case that death is not the end. In this talk, he uses the latest discoveries in physics and neuroscience, convincing philosophical deductions, and the most likely conclusions from anthropology and biology to make the case for life after death. Join him as he shows how science answers the biggest question and what it means for our lives today.

Has Science Refuted Religion?

Science now claims to have most of the biggest questions answered. But can it tell us why we are here? Or what the purpose of life is? Or where the universe came from? Dinesh shows that science cannot answer many of our biggest questions and that religion still can. Dinesh does more than push back on science, he uses it to demonstrate the validity of faith.

Christianity and Its Role in America

While America can seem to be “post-Christian” today, it stands on a mountain top of Christian ideals and reasoning. In this exciting and relevant topic, Dinesh explores the many ways that America has benefited from incorporating Christian ideals into its culture and society. From the Founding Fathers to current foreign policy, Dinesh D’Souza passionately shows the power role of Christianity in America past and present.

Why America Is Loved, Why America Is Hated

As the only super power, it is easy to categorize America as the world’s friend or enemy. Dinesh critiques America’s role in the world as a “new order for the ages”. He answers questions such as “What makes America unique?”, “What has made it prosperous, powerful, and successful in such a short amount of time?”, and “Will America fall from its position at the top?”

The Moral Case for Capitalism

Dinesh D’Souza shows how America has benefited from being a country who supports Capitalism and Free Markets. But is Capitalism moral? Historically in every culture the merchant and trader has been at the bottom of the totem pole. Capitalism elevates the entrepreneur to top of society and, Dinesh argues, brings the rest of society up with him.

What’s So Great about America

As in the book of the same name, Dinesh gives his most auto-biographical talk about how America has changed his own life and the world. America’s principles, systems of government, and value for the individual has made it into the prosperous and powerful nation in the world. This talk is a fascinating look at what makes America so great.

Obama’s America

What motivates President Obama? Is he a socialist, a fascist, a traditional Democrat? In this riveting talk, Dinesh explores what really motivates Obama and what it means for America and Americans both now and in the future. You’ll leave this talk understanding more about the President’s actions in past years and also with the predictive ability to understand his future actions.


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