The Clintons Have A Long History Of Racial Insensitivity, Not Trump

Originally posted at Wayne Dupree.

Do you want to know the truth? Donald Trump had a history of friendship with dozens of black sports figures, employees, business owners and had never accused of being racist until running for office!

Whatever history Trump has it is in the private sector and doesn’t affect this country as a whole. But Clinton’s mistakes or bad judgement has done significant damage to us.

Hillary is not just a disgrace to Democrats; she is a disgrace to the human race. She can’t win legitimately, so she cheats. Apparently over her entire life. She will continue her lying, deceptive, corrupt practices, as always. How can people be so brain dead not to understand this?

Filmmaker, Author Dinesh D’Souza joined Fox and Friends on Saturday to discuss the truth about both presidential candidates in regards to their history with racism or lack thereof. Hillary has been trying to rewrite history to put Trump into the crosshairs of bigotry and hatred.

From Fox News:

“Hillary and Bill themselves have a much greater history of racial insensitivity than Trump,” D’Souza said, pointing out that Hillary once called young black males “super predators,” while Bill said of Barack Obama in 2008, “A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.”

He added that both Clintons publicly praised Sen. Robert Byrd, who was active in the Ku Klux Klan.

“Donald Trump has no history, nothing, that even compares to any of this,” D’Souza said, noting that doesn’t even take into account the Democratic Party’s history with the KKK.

“I think the Democrats are used to going to this playbook and pointing to the Republicans as the party of bigotry, but the actual history reveals something quite different,” D’Souza said.

“This is a party that has never acknowledged its own history. It has never apologized for its crimes. It blames the South, it blames white people, it blames America. It blames everybody except themselves.”

The only place “systematic racism” exists is in the rhetoric of Al Sharpton, Hillary, and Barack Obama. They have all profited handsomely from racism and would lose their grip on power (and source of income) if racism were to disappear.

Don’t be fooled! Today’s Democrats are no different from their predecessors who fought to maintain slavery and to continue segregation years ago. They have changed tactics and language, but their end-goal is the same, the subjugation of people groups.

Someone, please tell me one thing this woman has ever done for any American citizen, black or white. She has grown fabulously wealthy feeding at the public trough. She is an infamous liar whose incompetence led to the death of four Americans and the loss or ‘disappearance’ of billions of dollars while she was Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton is a notorious elitist who dislikes blacks and poor whites. A vote for her is a vote against America.

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