VIDEO: Obama Wants Christians to Share Blame for Terrorism

Originally published at Newsmax.

President Barack Obama presented a skewered view of history last week at the National Prayer Breakfast when he compared the bloody, Christian-led Crusades to the atrocities committed by the Islamic State (ISIS), Dinesh D’Souza says.

Muslims are responsible for both, the conservative author and acclaimed filmmaker said Tuesday on The Steve Malzberg Show on Newsmax TV.

D’Souza said that in comparing the two, the president is subtly attempting to say that Christians are just as much to blame for terror.

“He was equating the sins of medieval Christianity, namely the Crusades, with the contemporary terrorism of ISIS,” D’Souza said.

“Now, leaving aside the fact that all of this happened with the Crusades over 1,000 years ago, it’s important to remember that the Crusades themselves were a response to Muslim conquest.

“The Muslims not only conquered the Holy Land, they conquered parts of Italy, all of Spain, they were at the gates of Vienna, and had the Christians not fought back, most likely all of Europe would have fallen into Muslim hands. So not only are the Muslims to blame for ISIS, they’re also to blame for the Crusades.”

D’Souza, director of the documentary 2016: Obama’s America, said Obama refuses to blame recent terror attacks around the world on Islam.

“He denies the connection to Islam. It’s not that he denies the killing itself, he denies that it’s Islamic and that it’s terrorism,” he said.

“And I’m saying that if someone does that, they’re unable to give even the most basic description of what is happening in front of them. It’s sort of like watching the Nazi concentration camps and denying that it’s Nazis that are motivating it and that it’s targeting of the Jews.

“There’s a lot of violence going on here, there’s a lot of gas, there are a lot of people dying, but refusing to actually describe what’s happening in front of you.”

D’Souza is now serving eight months of community service and five years of probation after pleading guilty to charges of using straw donors to support a New York Senate campaign.

He maintains that he was targeted by the Obama administration for his political beliefs.

Read more at Newsmax.


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  • Maureen says:

    February 11, 2015 at 3:48 PM

    Not the first time the POTUS twisted history to suit his needs> Read a book, Obummer!

    • lisa says:

      February 11, 2015 at 6:36 PM

      Hes angry because he hasn’t been able to brainwash the other half of the country. Mr Satan himself, aka as Jesus to the liberals, will be burning in hell one day with all his liberal/ crat friends and the Christians will be in the sky with the real Jesus.

    • NMX says:

      February 13, 2015 at 2:12 PM

      Yes, Obama is as pathetic as it gets… Soros and friends sought him out for his magnificant skill as a massive liar with a straight face… when will it end. This guy would lie if the truth would suit him better…. Unbelievable…

  • Az native says:

    February 11, 2015 at 5:18 PM

    He doesn’t make those decisions. God does.

  • Az native says:

    February 11, 2015 at 5:21 PM

    Obama is the greatest liar and deceiver this nation has ever seen. You act like you are the smartest man in the room, but you are not. God gave us this nation. You can prance across the White House lawn with such an arrogance and full of yourself strut. Christ did not preach hate and murder. Muslims caused the crusades not christians. Muslims invaded the holy land and many other nations. They’ve been pulling this crap for over 1400 years.

    Slavery was not started by the United States, blacks sold blacks into Slavery and brought them here. And the first slave owner in this nation was a black. Most Americans hate slavery yet many foreign nations and many Muslims still have slaves today. Muslims make slaves of their wives and children and have for over 1400 years.

    What decent human being in their right mind would hand a loaded gun to a baby to do their dirty work or marry and rape a baby. Your tribe would and does. You are no christian. We know your history. We know you know your history. You have been playing dumb but we know who you really are and what your agenda is. He thinks he is going to take our nation and turn it into a Islamic Mecca. This is our nation it does not belong to him or Islam period. You did not create this nation. Our founding fathers did and they warned us about you. Dear Jesus this man has committed crimes against our nation and against you. Now you deal with him in the precious name of Jesus. Lord the attack on you and your precious name this week were the law straw for we the people and the nation you gave us. God you promised your people victory. God protect all nations that are fighting this cult and protect The United states of America and Israel.

    If Muslims don’t mean this nation harm and other nations harm then they need to self deport back to Saudi Arabia their homeland now! Show us a real act of peace!

    We give you the glory Jesus. Christ you are the only savior of the world.

    Over 28 Million Africans have been enslaved in the Muslim world during the past 14 centuries While much has been written concerning the Transatlantic slave trade, surprisingly little attention has been given to the Islamic slave trade across the Sahara, the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. While the European involvement in the Transatlantic slave trade to the Americas lasted for just over three centuries, the Arab involvement in the slave trade has lasted fourteen centuries, and in some parts of the Muslim world is still continuing to this day.…/

  • Az native says:

    February 11, 2015 at 5:23 PM

    Why he has no intention on defeating this mess.


    The Lies meant to bring down the greatest nation on earth.

    The statements made by this imposter in our White House should sound major alarms across this nation with Americans and Christians.

    If you slander Islam….. And we are no longer a Christian nation – since when?

    “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”.

    Too bad their vicious actions speak volumes.

    Obama won’t call on pastors or Christians because he isn’t a Christian. His attacks on this nations founding and Israel seal the doubt. He is a radical Muslim. He thinks the prayers of Muslims is sweet, but what about the horrible blatant sounds of little girls having their genitals sliced and diced or the cries of the beheaded or the cries of little girl being raped to death. I got news for him the cries of the those savagely being harmed are louder than the sounds of prayers to Allah. If he doesn’t think those prayers are drowning out the phony prayers to Allah he will answer someday to the real master in heaven. The atrocities against millions over the last 1400 years scream over the sound of peaceful humming by Islam. Their prayers are cancelled out by their pure evil.

    Everyone of his statements are untrue. No Christian or real American would ever utter the lies coming from this administration.

    Our country had its problems but we were mostly a peaceful nation until we opened up the doors to Islam. Every nation they enter they cause turmoil and great trouble and strife. It is their heritage, their legacy.

    It is not. Let me repeat not a religion. It is a radical tribe of people. It is a extremist cult.

    Read the levitt newsletters. For years it tells of how they go into nations and takeover ancient landmarks, destroy them and them erect their landmarks in lands that do not belong to them. Look at Israel.

    Look at Britain, France, Bahrain, Somalia, Syria, Iran, Iraq and many more. They do not come to assimilate they come to dominate and destroy. They try to rewrite our history to include them. No. They try to rewrite their history, but they show their true colors everyday. Peace and Islam cannot exist at the same time. They cancel out their peaceful existence with the truth:

    •genital mutilation
    •rape of women and babies

    Their nature is violence and the whole world sees it.

    Calling all churches, calling all patriots, minutemen, militias, veterans, sheriffs:

    Calling all Americans who honor our heritage.

    Wake up Americans. Our homeland is being threatened. Christians need to start lifting their hands and praying and singing everywhere.

    Do not let anyone remove your ancient landmarks.

    Many have no allegiance to our heritage, our God, our founding fathers and founding principles. God keeps telling us over and over again do not let them remove our Ancient landmarks. Our founding documents, our statute of liberty, our Christian heritage, the Ten Commandments, our bible are our ancient landmark that mean something.

    This is their MO, their DNA. They’ve been pulling this crap for over 1400
    Years. It is not hate speech. It is the truth. America is great because of our freedom of speech and the Godly values that this nation was founded upon. They are calling evil good.

    —as a 75 yr old Vet–I cannot remember a pres. who was more alienated from our Military–more alienated from Law Enforcement–more alienated from Business—more alienated from our allies– or a more voceferous Liar—my educated opinion

  • Az native says:

    February 11, 2015 at 5:25 PM

    The history of the crusades.

    The crusades were caused by Muslims. And if you know the history muslims invaded and caused many wars until christians and the catholic church got fed up and fought back. And the crusades were minimal compared to the invasion by muslims and radical islam. And they didnt even take place here. Once again Obama shows how stupid he truly is. He like Stevie wonder say they see things which never happened and can’t be supported by reality and history.

    You cannot blame Christians Obama. He continues to side with enemies of our nation and other nations. This is why no Muslim belongs in the USA or any other nation. They are doing the same thing they’ve done for over 1400 years. Muslims invade every nation and do not come to assimilate period. It is time to drive them back to their homeland Saudi Arabia forever.

    Muslims caused the Christian crusades because they invaded the holy land. Land that did not belong to them. Someone needs to give the Muslim Obama a history lesson. His hate for our nation becomes more and more evident every day. This man is no American or Christian.

    It follows from this that the defense of the Christian Republic against God’s enemies, whether foreign infidel (e.g. Turks) or domestic heretics and Jews was a moral imperative for those qualified to fight. A Crusade was a holy war fought against external or internal enemies for the recovery of Christian property or defense of the Church or the Christian people. It could be wages against Turks in Palestine, Muslims in Spain, pagan Slavs in the Baltic, or heretics in southern France, all of whom were enemies or rebels against God.

    The Crusades were a series of military campaigns during the time of Medieval England against the Muslims of the Middle East. In 1076, the Muslims had captured Jerusalem – the most holy of holy places for Christians. Jesus had been born in nearby Bethlehem and Jesus had spent most of his life in Jerusalem. He was crucified on Calvary Hill, also in Jerusalem.

    The Crusades were a series of military campaigns during the time of Medieval England against the Muslims of the Middle East. In 1076, the Muslims had captured Jerusalem – the most holy of holy places for Christians. Jesus had been born in nearby Bethlehem and Jesus had spent most of his life in Jerusalem. He was crucified on Calvary Hill, also in Jerusalem. Muslims invaded a Christian nation like they are attempting today.

    We can love them there but no nation should welcome them period.

    The Crusades covers an important period in Medieval History. The Crusades were Holy Wars. They were great military expeditions undertaken by the Christian nations of Europe for the purpose of rescuing the holy places of Palestine from the hands of the Saracens. The reason for the crusades was a war between Christians and Moslems which centered around the city of Jerusalem. which is a highly important place of Holy significance to both the Christian and Moslem religions.

  • Melveta Seely says:

    February 13, 2015 at 12:35 AM

    Thank you Dinesh for your insights, always truthful and most enlightening… Your wisdom is beyond compare. I especially liked your INPUT and knowledge on and of the Crusades. When I first heard what Obama said about the Christian- Crusades and the poor Muslims being mistreated by them….. I hit facebook with a SLAM….to inform every-one I could that this was NOT the first Muslim Jihad….and in fact that is why the Christians were Crusading was because of what the Muslims had done to them prior…and all the areas that they had conquered….Europe, Spain, Italy….and some beyond…. and that is was about the THIRD JIHAD by Muslims. Obama’s mother left the Catholic Church and joined with the muslims….and communism through Obama Father (?) and Frank Marshall Davis, and eventually Soetoros in Indonesia….where both gave up citizenship and became Indonesia (under England) at the time…. and the one school record they missed cleaning up was found in a file in Gr. Britan, stating his name as Barry Soetoro, adopted by ____ Soetoro, the son of the former Stanley Ann Obama now married to Soetoro….his grade and religion listed was ISLAM….. they all became Islamic while living there….they had to become citizens of Indonesia as Indonesia did NOT allow double citizenship at that time….. Once a muslim always a muslim…..and he was young enough he did not remember any Christian teachings….if there ever were any….. Obama is what he is and he has never DEnounced his Islamic Faith…. IF HE HAD EVER BEEN A CHRISTIAN HE WOULD HAVE NEVER OF MENTIONED THE CRUSADES…..NOR WOULD HE. I do not believe he ever had much History….or he would of learned some about the Crusades in eighth grade history…… Thank you for all you do.
    God Bless and Stay SAFE…..

  • Melveta Seely says:

    February 13, 2015 at 12:38 AM

    I would like to make it clear that at this present time, is not the first Jihad, but about the THIRD….. I did not make myself clear in the above comment….Brain faster than my typing…. sorry.

  • Gray Jones says:

    February 13, 2015 at 3:36 PM

    One must doubt the honesty and sincerity of Muslims when one looks to our most famous Muslim aka Obama. Dishonesty and insincerity are their stock and trade…Semper Fi Nam 66-67

  • Linda says:

    February 13, 2015 at 7:17 PM

    Thank you Mr. D’Souza !! Your movie America is Great ! I just wish the leaders of the GOP had a bake bone like you !
    You are a Great American ! God (NOT allah ) Bless You !
    God Bless Israel.
    God (NOT allah ) Have Mercy on America.

  • Kerstin says:

    February 14, 2015 at 12:27 PM

    I truly think Obama in heart is a Muslim and would not mind having a Muslim nation. He attacks Christianity so easily but always protects Muslims. I also think that he has a mental issue–I am serious. He doesn’t want to admit the truth so he lies to himself and others; therefore, the truth doesn’t exists anymore and he doesn’t have to deal with it. Currently, we have 320 Marines middle in Iraq being sitting ducks for Isis, which attacked yesterday. What does the guy in Office do, he releases a stupid video looking like an Idiot for Obamacare. That is what we have in the White House. He is truly a disgrace. The ship is sinking fast, so hold on Americans, it will be a rough ride if we even will survive this dismantling of America by Obama. I just can’t believe that there are still so many stupid people who defend him. God help us all.

  • Jeff Noncent says:

    February 15, 2015 at 9:12 AM

    wow, Obala is the worst president that ever live, he put the president of Haiti when I was a boy to shame

  • Ralph says:

    February 16, 2015 at 12:31 AM

    Since the President mentioned the Inquisition, in nearly four centuries of the brutal Spanish Inquisition, between 3,000 and 5,000 individuals were put to death, which was an average of nine to fourteen deaths a year across that time.

    Last year alone (2014), Muslims executed 4,344 Christians, thus killing as many in one year as Christians did in nearly four centuries.

  • mary ann says:

    February 16, 2015 at 9:57 AM

    I also feel Obama is a closet muslim. I even feel queasy at times just looking at him. the thoughts have crossed my mind, more than once, that he might even be the antichrist. I prayed for wisdom and discernment when he first ran for president. I still carry those feelings with me. thanks everyone for validating my thoughts and feelings. God help America and your people.