VIDEO: D'Souza & Megyn Kelly On Obama's Non-Response To The Paris Attacks

On November 20, Dinesh appeared on The Kelly File and told Megyn Kelly that Obama seemed detached and even annoyed to have to deal with ISIS. Watch to find out why:


KELLY: Well, he was convicted of campaign finance violation and sentenced to eight months in confinement, where he spends his night sweeping at a facility with men convicted of murder, rape and other crimes. And now Dinesh D’Souza is talking about the lessons he learned during that time. It’s the focus of his new book, “Stealing America,” and it may not have been the lesson, the Obama administration was hoping for.

DINESH D’SOUZA, AUTHOR AND FILMMAKER: The criminals don’t say they’re innocent. It’s not like in the (inaudible). What they say is we did it. We’re guilty, but we’re sort of the small fry. In fact, we’re the stupid criminals because we got caught. They say the big criminals are out there. They’re at large. The system actually never goes after them because they run the system.

KELLY: They think the system is corrupt. And we’re seeing some of that belief and some of that anger in the 2016 election, as people just say they’ve had it. They’ve had it with the way government runs and they’ve had it with career politicians.

D’SOUZA: Yes. So then I do think that politics in general does show these corrupt tendencies, but I also think what we’ve seen in modern progressivism, the way that the Democratic Party has evolved. I’m not so much talking about Truman or Kennedy or even Jimmy Carter, I’m talking about the new Democratic Party under Obama and Hillary. What you have seen here is politics being used in a very powerful way to make people rich, to accumulate enormous amounts of power in the way Hillary was scorned when she said, “I came poor. I was dead broke.”

KELLY: I know you argue in the book, that foreign policy, in your view, is a distraction for the president. And this is something that has critics hit him on this week, when they said we made those remarks about the attacks in Paris, and first of all, he didn’t even get to them until a few minutes into his address. And the most emotion, the most passion he showed in all of those remarks was when he was defending the Syrian refugees as opposed to talking about the dead, the innocent who had been killed on the streets of Paris. Why, why do you think that is?

D’SOUZA: Well, contrast Obama with Hollande. Hollande is like Obama, they both on the left. They both tend to minimize foreign policy threats, but the moment it happened when there is blood on the streets in Paris, Hollande becomes like Winston Churchill and he begins to talk the language of barbarism, “I’m going to get rid of these people. I’m gonna wipe them off on the face of the earth. I’ll be merciless.” Obama, on the other hand, it sounds like he is reading from his tax return. He seems serene. He seems detached. He seems almost annoyed that we’re even talking about it. And I think it’s because his progressives are about the business of stealing America, they’re appropriating the wealth and power of America. And so this other stuff is like a distraction for them. It’s like a bunch of guys are robbing a bank.

KELLY: But even if worst critics don’t say that Dinesh. Even his worst critics say, he may have that affect, but it is because he doesn’t want to get more involved in the Middle East. And this, he knows what this is going to do. It’s going to increase the calls by the Republicans and others to get more involved in the Middle East.

D’SOUZA: I think that’s right. And in fact, I, myself have given an ideological understanding of Obama. He’s rebalancing the wealth and power of the world. He wants to diminish the imprint of American foreign policy. So I don’t deny that ideological dimension. But I also think it’s true, that here you are Obama, you’re trying to in his own words, remake America. And now suddenly ISIS, suddenly I got appropriate more resources for defense. Suddenly, I’ve got to turn my attention to something that doesn’t fundamentally interest me. That’s my point, it isn’t just Obama is incompetent, it’s that his attention is focus on something else.

KELLY: So Dinesh went in to confinement and made all of the detainees, probably what you call, Republicans. And they made you a cynic, Dinesh. They made you a cynic.

D’SOUZA: Well.

KELLY: Stealing America is the name of the book. Good luck with it.

D’SOUZA: Thank you.

KELLY: Thank you.

To watch Dinesh’s full appearance, play the video below:


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    November 23, 2015 at 8:23 PM

    Why do you think Obama won’t utter the words “Islamic Terrorism”?