WND: Trump Pulls Back Curtain On 'Urban Plantations'

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Donald Trump’s push for black voters with his well-received speech in Milwaukee was hailed as nothing less than historic by experts who have argued Democrats are vulnerable on racial issues.

Dinesh D’Souza, author of Hillary’s America and director and writer of the blockbuster film of the same name, said Trump’s speech was a bold and necessary step for Republicans.

“He is the first Republican that I’ve seen in a long time to go in this direction,” D’Souza told WND. “Generally Republicans are very wary of this topic. They play nice, but they don’t really address core issues. And it looks like Trump is making a real bid here not only for the black vote but for the well-meaning white vote. And by that, I mean I think this will benefit Trump not only with blacks but with whites. I think it shows a boldness to go where Republicans generally don’t go.”

However, D’Souza urged Trump to go farther.

“He’s talking about something that is quite right, which is that blacks are not better off under Obama, that the ‘urban plantations,’ as I call them, are places where misery, poverty, nihilism and despair reign. That this is the handiwork of the Democratic Party.

“They profess to be on the side of these people and what Trump is exposing is that Democrats’ only interest in African-Americans and the inner cities is votes. They don’t actually care if these people prosper or not. They’re not trying to build ladders of opportunity. In fact, if they did, they’re worried people would dust themselves off and walk off once they don’t need the Democratic Party anymore.

“If Trump can show he can address these arguments in a deep and historically informed way and fend off the inevitable screaming and counter-arguments that the left will put up, he needs to show that he knows what those arguments are. And this is where, I think, the book and movie Hillary’s America can help him.”

Ben Kinchlow, author of Black Yellowdogs, said Trump is finally pushing back against a campaign of “brainwashing” that has convinced black Americans that Republicans are their enemies.

“Blacks are reacting to the decades-long propaganda from the left, and the media, that they are somehow not equal as citizens in this country,” he said. “This brainwashing has successfully realized its ultimate goal, to convince them that the Democrats are responsible for their civil rights and freedoms, not the Republicans. Part of Trump’s strategy should be to publicly incorporate black leaders into his political team. Of course, be aware that this same leadership will often be seen and portrayed as ‘Uncle Toms’ and, consequently, discredited.”

Kinchlow conceded Trump faces an uphill struggle and must circumvent the media to connect with African-Americans.

“In order to win over the African-American voters, Trump must speak to them directly,” he urged. “His black leadership needs to point out the true history of civil rights gains by blacks in this country. Blacks must be made aware that every civil rights bill from 1865 to 1965 was introduced and passed by a Republican majority in both houses. Unfortunately, a biased media has given credit for the last civil rights and voting rights acts to the Democrats. While they were signed by President Johnson, a Democrat, they were introduced and enforced by a Republican Congress.

“The purpose of a free press is to ensure that the citizenry was aware of the facts of any matter; they are to know the truth, not be subjected to propaganda. Unfortunately, the black community is totally unaware that every civil rights gain from freeing the slaves to freedom to vote were all passed by Republicans. The only reason blacks traditionally support Democrats is based on the false narrative that Democrats are the party of civil rights for blacks.”

Larry Elder, the “Sage of South Central,” a well-known talk-show host and the author of Dear Father, Dear Son, also urged Trump to stick with the direct approach.

“He gave straight talk, full on, no condescension,” he enthused. “A numerical minority of bad actors, often a product of welfare state-induced broken homes, ought not terrorize the law-abiding urban majority. Blaming hardworking cops is counterproductive and emboldens criminals. Trump should ask for self-reflection and that blacks drop the search for scapegoats. Blacks should recognize Democrat polices of welfare inducement, anti-growth economic policies, illegal immigration and lack of choice in schools define the Democratic Party’s agenda and hurt the very blacks the party claims to care so much about.”

Elder also stressed the importance of educating Americans about the shameful racial legacy of the Democratic Party.

“They’ve been taught to think like victims, oblivious to the racist history of a Democratic Party,” he charged. “Democrats want blacks to be angry about ‘systemic racism’ so that they will vote 95 percent Democrat after being supplied with a steady diet of propaganda telling them Republicans are racist.”

Elder also said there is no contradiction between Trump’s law-and-order approach and his outreach to African-Americans.

“The majority of people living in the city are law-abiding,” he said. “There are other ones most hurt by lawlessness and by this unfair assault on police officers.”

D’Souza told WND there is a great opportunity to re-frame the entire narrative the Democrats have been using the entire campaign by taking the fight to them on racial issues.

“The argument against Trump has been and is that he’s a racist, a fascist, that he hates immigration and so on,” D’Souza said. “These words are used very loosely. We should turn the tables on the Democrats by showing the actual party of slavery and white supremacy and segregation and lynching and sympathy for fascism is the Democratic Party.

“The Democratic Party is the actual party that supported and condoned enslaving people, burning them, stringing them up, making them drink out of separate water fountains. Terms like ‘racism’ have an actual concrete meaning, and they are much more legitimately attached to the Democrats than they are to Trump. Trump can sometimes be loose-lipped; he can sometimes be insensitive, but insensitive is not racist.”

Ultimately, however, D’Souza said what is at stake goes beyond one election. He urged Trump to do nothing less than dismantle the entire “urban plantation” system ensnaring entire generations of black Americans. And, like Elder, D’Souza believes Trump can do this without abandoning his “law-and-order” message.

“The way to combine a law-and-order approach while appealing to black Americans is to speak of law and order in a way that protects the black community,” said D’Souza. “Law and order in the inner city is for the protection of blacks. And what we’re seeing here isn’t just a matter of the cop versus the black citizen; this is a matter of the ‘urban plantations’ boiling over.

“The left has created these horrible living spaces where the family has broken down, where there is very little opportunity, where nobody gets a good education. It breeds nihilism and despair, just like in the old slave plantation, which required a lot of force to hold it together. Slavery was based on stealing people’s labor, and it required a lot of whips and a lot of violence to hold it together. Similarly today, the urban plantations are very tense places because people’s aspirations are being crushed. I think if Trump speaks about that and speaks sympathetically about that, he can get at something beyond the interactions between the black citizen and the cop on the street.”

Yet many conservatives are understandably skeptical about this. After all, claiming Democrats are the real racists and reminding African-Americans about the Republican Party’s historic support for civil rights is hardly new. D’Souza admits many blacks knew full well they were abandoning the Party of Lincoln for the Party of Segregation and the Klu Klux Klan in the 1930s, when the New Deal convinced many African-Americans to join the Democrats.

Therefore, D’Souza said Trump needs to do more than simply talk about the history of the Republican Party. Instead, D’Souza urged Trump to expose the massive trap Democrats have laid for the African-Americans they constantly exploit.

“What the Democrats have done, particularly with poor blacks, is offer them enough to make them dependent, but not enough to make them prosperous,” he explained. “It’s almost like letting down a rope from the top of a building, asking people to hang on while they pull you up. But they only pull you 10 feet off the ground and hold on after that. You’re now stuck. They won’t pull you up so you won’t go higher, but you don’t want to let go because you’ll go crashing to the ground. You’ve become dependent on the Democrats to pay your mortgage, they’re giving you food stamps, they’re giving you this and they’re giving you that. So in a sense, many blacks are in a trap. We have to expose the trap so many blacks see there is another way.”

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