VIDEO: In A World Of Runaway Judges: "Checks & Balances" Cut Both Ways

So judges can check presidential overreach—why can’t presidents check judicial overreach? I broke down the runaway judge problem with President Trump’s immigration order on “Fox & Friends” this morning.



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  • Robin Rosenblatt says:

    February 6, 2017 at 5:38 pm

    Islam is taking over Europe and England they will enter a New Islamic Dark Ages of Islamic Sex Slavery. All European women will be turn into Islamic sex slaves. Starting with 9-year-old girls.

    I imagine there will be many and women and young girls refugees seeking a safe place to go to. But where will they go?

    There are resistance groups that might fight back with guerilla tactics.

    The only country that is close enough to help them is Israel.

    Ann Marie Waters Moment: The Islamic Darkness Descends on Europe.‬‬

    The Glazov Gang