Politichicks: Dinesh D’Souza’s 'Hillary’s America' (5 Stars out of 5!)

Originally posted at Poltichicks by Dr. Karen Siegemund.

Monday night I was able to attend the Hollywood red carpet premier of Dinesh D’Souza’s new film, Hillary’s America.

I was completely blown away.

In a speech before his film began, Dinesh described it as a horror film. He is so not kidding.

I’ve seen all of D’Souza’s other films and while they were terrific, none can match the brilliance of this one. In every way. The production, including graphics, were outstanding, and the soundtrack – seriously, I would see it again for the music alone! It was phenomenal. D’Souza’s wife’s singing of “God Bless America” was beyond spectacular. And the Gatlin Brothers wrote and performed a song just for this movie.

But the movie itself, from start to finish, and the story it told, is something everyone – EVERYONE – should see. Everyone. Those on the right of course, but also I challenge anyone on the left to tell me what he got wrong. Because, to me, what Dinesh did, as he always does, was TELL THE TRUTH, a truth that the left has so cunningly subverted and distorted.

And let me tell you this: Dinesh is one of the gutsiest people out there. The making of this film, considering the (literal) punishment he received for Obama’s America, took such extraordinary courage it’s hard to fathom. And that it took such courage is a sign of how far we have fallen, that D’Souza spent a moment in jail when the criminal Hillary seems unindictable … it boggles the mind.

Other attendees of the premier were equally impressed.

PolitiChicks co-owner Morgan Brittany wrote on Facebook,

“Everyone must see this film. There are so many things that I DID NOT know about the evils of the Democrat party. it is amazing how history is so manipulated when one party has an agenda and takes control of the media. Unbelievable. This film will arm you with everything that you need to know to counteract what the left says and honestly I don’t know how they will be able to deny the cold hard facts that in it!”

Singer/actress Chele Stanton said, “Everyone should see this film… So informative and eye opening in many ways…”

PolitiChicks CEO/Publisher Ann-Marie Murrell said, “This premier was attended by most of the major political wonks in Southern California and yet over and over, I heard people saying they learned something new about the history of the Democrat Party. This is absolutely the must-see film of the year.”

Dinesh D’Souza is a courageous and brilliant truth-teller and it’s up to all of US to ensure that people see it.

The film will be released nationwide on July 22nd, right in between the 2 conventions.

Dinesh did the hard work – all we have to do is go see his movie, at least once or twice, and bring a friend. Buy someone a ticket–or better yet, buy a group of tickets and bring as many millennial as you can find! The numbers on opening weekend determine what happens next, so again, please go see it.

You will be blown away–and even more convinced of the danger of this woman.

She MUST be stopped.

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  • Cauthon says:

    July 16, 2016 at 5:17 PM

    I’m sure you must be mistaken, I read another review and it said this movie is just part of the great RWE Right Wing Extremist conspiracy against Hillary. 🙂 D’Souza claims the Democrats were in the KKK and opposed to civil rights, and prosperity in the South improved because of Republican policies. He even says mean things about that nice Mr. Saul Alinsky, who wrote a book called Rules for Radicals, showing his fellow leftists how to de-stabilize the society so they can fundamentally transform America into Greece and then Somalia. Living through the last several decades, with wars in Korea and Viet Nam and the Middle East and various other places (some with our help and some without) I can see that the whole world has been much too quiet and peaceful; and what we really need in the USA is a new crop of leaders who can knock us down and create the New Soviet Man. Hope that helps 🙂

  • Cauthon says:

    July 16, 2016 at 6:15 PM

    OK, I arrived here looking for information about Mr. D’Souza, but I have also enjoyed some other articles on your site. I read about Hillary’s accusation that Vermont is supplying illegal guns for New Yorkers, and would like to comment on that but failed to find any way to do that. So, here goes, if any of my fellow RWE’s, Right Wing Extremists happen to see this, they must be OK because they are reading your review of the movie, and if they want to read the article I am commenting on, it is not hard to find.

    It is remarkable that Vermont has such low crime rates, if they have so many guns that they flow across the border into New York, and New York has high crime rates. Apparently the guns only become dangerous when they cross the state line (perhaps only the city limits of NYC – – upstate New York does not share New York City’s high crime rates). Listening to Hillary we would think that guns were like Sauron’s Great Ring of Power in LOTR, so powerful that even if one were buried beneath the roots of a mountain it would still burn our minds away with its evil. Perhaps there is some source of that kind of evil in New York, so that when a gun comes within the range of that power, the dark side of its nature becomes active. 🙂

    Besides, if it is true that a person will travel across one or many state lines, hundreds of miles, to buy a gun, clearly that person really wants that gun; that is not like buying a candy bar when you see one by the checkout line. It is easy to keep ordinary people from buying or carrying guns, because we obey the law; it is a much different problem to keep guns away from an enthusiastic criminal who needs a gun for work – and who depends on the criminal enterprise for food, clothing, shelter and perhaps expensive illegal drugs.