Newsmax: D'Souza Says Hollande Sounds Like A Leader, Obama Sounds Like Obama

Originally published at Newsmax.

Conservative firebrand Dinesh D’Souza tells Newsmax TV he’s wary of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s suggestion that U.S. mosques be infiltrated and closed if they are found to have ties with Islamic terrorists.

“I’m not sure if I agree with what he says. [That’s] a realistic reading, which I learned from confinement and now apply to Washington, D.C,” D’Souza, an acclaimed author and filmmaker who spent eight months in a halfway house last year after admitting using straw donors to make illegal political campaign donations, told “The Steve Malzberg Show.”

“I’ve done my eight months confinement and it was an unnerving experience but I learned a lot.”

“For me, I’m a little tired of Republican talk, because even from the Republican Congress we’ve been now getting two years of talk. These guys have a lot of actual power, they control the purse strings, they’re in charge of legislation.”

Asked by Malzberg why Democrats are avoiding agreeing with Obama on continuing his program of admitting Syrian refugees into the United States, D’Souza said:

“We’re seeing something interesting because contrast Obama with [French President François] Hollande in France. Now Hollande is more like Jimmy Carter. When Jimmy Carter said communism wasn’t a problem and the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, Carter was inflamed. He was outraged. You could see it affected him.

Same with Hollande. Suddenly the guy sounds like [former British Prime Minister] Winston Churchill. He wants to be merciless, he wants to take on the savages. Obama on the other hand sounds like Obama. Here’s a guy for whom this whole thing appears to be a sideshow, a distraction, it’s almost like he’s annoyed it even occurred and for it to occur right after he said ISIS was contained, he feels like ISIS didn’t get the memo. They should have been listening to him.”

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