Info Wars: The Video Democrats Don’t Want You To See

Originally posted at Info Wars by Lee Ann McAdoo.

Infowars reporter Lee Ann McAdoo spoke to Carol M. Swain at the premiere of Dinesh D’Souza’s new film “Hillary’s America”.

Swain is an American, professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University and plays an important role in D’Souza’s new film explaining the Democratic parties dark ties with racism and the KKK and shatters the conventional idea that the Democratic party is the party of the downtrodden and is really the historical force behind racism and segregation in America.

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Available now, Dinesh D’Souza’s new book The Big Lie exposes the Left’s biggest lie yet: their campaign to paint conservatives as Nazis to cover up their own fascism.

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One Comment

  • mary robson says:

    July 26, 2016 at 1:44 pm

    D’Sousa is an AMERICAN hero in the truest sense even though an immigrant. He is more loyal to our country than WE are. This movie is a must see.

    Can it be run on national TV before November? Really excellent and history that can not be refuted.

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