Western Journalism: D'Souza's 'Hillary’s America' Just Did Something Extraordinary

It’s back—re-released in some 400 movie theaters across the country. Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party—the documentary by conservative filmmaker and author Dinesh D’Souza—has achieved what might be called a second life, with another chance for audiences to catch the movie.

The history of how this film came to be is a good story in itself. Some might call it “making lemonade out of lemons,” or “spinning gold from straw.” Whatever the description, when remarkable good can come from a bad situation, that’s worth noting.

And in the case of D’Souza and the background for his hit documentary Hillary’s America, the 8 months the filmmaker spent in overnight confinement—locked up with criminals he got to know and learn from — gave him insight he wouldn’t have otherwise had.

Speaking with The Point, D’Souza admits he was “a little careless” in crossing the line with campaign donations that landed him in trouble with the law, given “he had a big target” on his back after the success of his movie four years ago, 2016: Obama’s America.

“The biggest thing I learned from being in the lockup, so to speak, is simply the idea that the guys who are in prison, most of them, are small fry. They’re the stupid criminals who got caught. The big fry, the big criminals, are often never caught. They’re never caught because the system doesn’t go after them, and the reason for that is they are too well connected within the system, they run the system,” D’Souza explained in an exclusive interview with The Point.

Two people who “run the system,” according to D’Souza are the “big fry” Bill and Hillary Clinton. The filmmaker refers to them as “two depraved crooks.”

“The depravity comes from the nature of their arrangement,” D’Souza explained. “Traditionally, people understand the Clinton marriage as ‘bad boy Bill’ being put up with by ‘long suffering Hillary.’ In reality, Hillary realized from a young age that she did not have the political skills, she didn’t have the charisma, the magnetism, the gift of the gab—she didn’t even have the looks—to be a successful politician. So she needed a pitchman, a kind of partner, so she figured out that Bill would be a really good choice.”

Knowing of Bill’s sex addiction, according to D’Souza, Hillary “constructed a whole arrangement where she took advantage. She said, ‘ok, what if I make myself useful to Bill, what if I become his enabler, his fixer, his clean-up artist? He will have a lifelong dependency on me, and I can count on him at the push of a button to go do his thing for me, do the pitch.’”

Regarding Hillary’s still-unfolding email scandal, Dinesh D’Souza shared with us his belief about the reason the former secretary of state and her close aides set up and worked through a private server, rather than the official government system.

“The motive is that Hillary was conducting a private foreign policy for her own benefit and for the benefit of the Clintons. It was a money-making racket, and in effect she was putting American foreign policy up for sale, not only to American bidders but to foreign governments and foreign entities, and she needed a private email system to do that so that her transactions wouldn’t be observed in the public domain, they wouldn’t be part of the State Department traffic.”

And how do the Clintons keep getting away with all their schemes and scams? “There are three reasons why they get away with it,” D’Souza told The Point. “The first is that they have enormous power within the system. The second reason is that the Democrats know that they control the two biggest megaphones of our culture, namely Hollywood and the media. So they know that, no matter what scams they pull, the media will cover for them. The third factor is the unbelievable stupidity of the Republican Party, and by this I’m referring to the Republican establishment, which seems to have no ability to counter these moves.”

Following its initial run that began at the end of July, Hillary’s America is now back on hundreds of screens, as the writer and director of the movie explained in a short video on Twitter:

“It could be that Trump, it could be that the RNC, it could be that the super PACs jump on the movie…and take DVDs of this movie and send them to swing voters. They could also organize theater showings and bring in Republicans, black churches, Latinos. The movie would have a transformational impact if minorities could be gotten to see it. They’ll be discombobulated, but then they’ll realize that much of what they’ve been taught and told is completely a lie.”


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