Newsmax: D'Souza Says 'Hillary's America' Challenges Core of Democratic Party

Originally posted at Newsmax by Greg Richter.

Dinesh D’Souza’s newest movie and book “Hillary’s America” take on not only the 2016 Democratic nominee for the White House, but the very history and nature of the party she represents, he tells Newsmax TV.

“Hillary comes right out of the progressive movement and right out of the Democratic Party,” whereas President Barack Obama, the subject of his previous film, is only tenuously associated with the party – and with Clinton’s mentor Saul Alinsky, D’Souza said in an interview airing Monday  on “Dennis Michael Lynch: Unfiltered.”

Democrats claim a moral right to rule, D’Souza says, because they say they are the party of civil rights and women’s rights. But the Democratic Party stood for slavery and oppression of blacks for more than a century, whereas the Republican Party was founded to free the slaves.

Democrats also fought against women getting the right to vote, he said.

“The Democrats have been the party that has been the deadly enemy of the ordinary guy,” he said. “They have been the enslavers and segregators of blacks and lynchers of blacks. They have been the party that has blocked immigration and tormented the Hispanics and the Latinos. They fought women’s suffrage tooth and nail for 25 years.”

The recent email scandal showed the party’s current feelings toward minorities, he said.

“When they talk about Hispanics, it’s the Taco Bell gang, because they think of Hispanics as serving you in Taco Bell,” he said. “They insult blacks, they insult homosexuals, they make fun of Bernie Sanders’ religion.”

D’Souza said that while he is happy to “preach to the converted” with the film, he would like to find a way to get it in front of independent voters and minorities because he believes their eyes would be opened.

Theaters playing his film can be found by going to his website  while the  book goes into more detail on the facts presented, he said.

D’Souza also told Lynch:

  • Many of his predictions about Obama proved to be true, including his desire to diminish America on the world stage.
  • Whereas Obama’s mentor was his father, Barack Obama Sr., Clinton’s is Alinsky, who used gangster-like tactics learned from his own scams and from Al Capone’s gang in Chicago.
  • Hillary and Bill Clinton, while presenting themselves as helping the poor and downtrodden, use their family foundation to skim off the top to enrich themselves, a lesson they learned from Democratic Party founder President Andrew Jackson.
  • Obama would like to assume a role even higher than the presidency after leaving office, but will likely fade into irrelevance.
  • The Republican Party is “messed up” and has no giants anymore like William F. Buckley, Friedrich Hayek, Irving Kristol, Howard Baker or George Schultz.

Part two of the interview can be seen here:

D’Souza said his confinement for breaking campaign finance laws actually helped give him insight into how criminal gangs work and how the Democratic Party is actually just a bigger form of a con-game.

Read more at Newsmax.


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