D'Souza To Spar With Skeptic Michael Shermer At FreedomFest 2016

FreedomFest 2016 will mark a celebration of “Freedom Rising,” something that transcends just political freedom.

According to FreedomFest:

What is freedom? For many, it is found in the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the Statue of Liberty. As individuals who embrace freedom, we seek to rise above the political oppression, burdensome regulation, civil injustice, unfair taxation and restrictions on the free market and individual choice that impact us in this world today. And while these political symbols of freedom provide the framework for our freedoms, it’s human achievement that truly sets us free.

At FreedomFest 2016, Dinesh D’Souza will go head-to-head with skeptic Michael Shermer on the topic of the Bible itself. They’ll answer the question, “The Bible: good book or bad theology?”

Come to FreedomFest 2016, where freedom is rising, and join Dinesh! Not only can you catch Dinesh in one of the preeminent apologetics debates of the year, but you can also hear from world-famous George Foreman, the keynote speaker of the event.

Use code FF16Dinesh when reserving your spot to save 10%! Register now!


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One Comment

  • Larry H says:

    February 1, 2016 at 12:04 PM

    I would like to bring something to your attention that may or may not warrant further attention on your part. Another “fatality” of Obamacare, directly costing over a hundred jobs locally, benefitting a few of the elites in the liberal camp, and a basic Catch 22. It involves Medicare pre-payment audits with no allegations or evidence of fraud. Just to our knowledge, at least 5 labs have gone bankrupt, only one of which was there a question of any impropriety. The audit agencies have no timeline. They receive 12-15% of all payments they deem should be disallowed. On the other hands, if they drag it out long enough and the company goes out of business, they keep up to 30% of all pending payments and never have to show there has been any fraud on inappropriate payments. We have retained the best lawyers in DC. They have stated that if we can just hang in there and keep the doors open, we have an open and shup case against the audit agency on our case since they have not adhered to the terms of their contract with CMMS. We approached our Congressmen who have gone to CMMS which blows us off, saying we have to speak with the auditing agency. We have absolutely no recourse until the audit agency issues their findings. If we go out of business before then, then we have no options. The initial six months was up in late last fall and they extended it another six months. We’re now being told that the snow storm in DC is causing it to drag out further. So not only can we not do any Medicaid/Medicare tests, but all the sales organizations that represented us have not been paid for their work. Our volume is down over 90% since healthcare organizations are not going to split their tests and send some to one lab and others to another because they are Medicare (which I am sure would be against some other government regulation). I would like to know how many of the executives and directors of these audit agencies are big time Democrat supporters. Just really frustrated here and thought you might be interested or at least have some info or ideas that would help.